Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello, New Jersey



Do you ever come home from vacation, and you suddenly realize that your house has a smell to it that has become unfamiliar?

And you see things in a fresh light and you suddenly notice that-‘hey when did someone color on the (rented) refrigerator?’

And your kids think- ‘wait, aren’t we sleeping in the same room now?’ and are up for hours in the night.

And they are up and asking questions (“What kind of things can we do in the fall?” “What colors of pumpkins are there? Purple?”  “Do leaves ever turn BLACK?”) by 5 am because they think it is 9 am?

And you have more laundry than you have ever faced before staring at you as soon as you open your eyes?

And you are happy to start back up your routine. but that means your husband has to rejoin the work force and it makes you feel a bit abandoned?

And your kids are testing you and retesting their at-home boundaries, so you are having to be Alpha-Mommy-I’m-The-Boss and say things like “Well then your lollipop is going in the trash” and mean it?

And you are SO GLAD to be home, but when did the floor get to be so sticky and has Isaac always made such a horrific mess at mealtime?

And you are putting away some laundry that you have finally managed to wash and fold and you are thanking Bob the Builder for keeping your children so nice and occupied, only to find that it was actually an egg carton (with eggs in it)(not anymore) that was entertaining Isaac for you?

And it is 7 am, but feels like noon, and you are still just trying to rub the vacation out of your eyes so that you can see your real life clearly and figure out

how in the world do I do this again?

Well, that’s where I am.



blueviolet said...

Welcome home, and you know it feels sooooooo good!!!!

K said...

I hate that crash landing back into reality after vacation. It's the worst. Good luck!

ter@waaoms said...

welcome home!!!
(even if it doesn't feel like welcome yet!)

Maureen said...

Good thing you are young and resilent :) And good thing MoMo is coming to PLAY/distract/help!

T Rex Mom said...

Welcome home. We cannot wait to hear all the details.

Jenners said...

Welcome home … even though it sounds like a crashing bummer! I know that vacation letdown and the sudden realization of why you wanted to get away in the first place. The time change is doing you no favors either. Still, I'm glad you made it back in one piece and, as far as I know, the UK and Scotland are still in one piece!

Caitlin said...

welcome home!!!

suzy said...

sigh... a LOT of work. laundry and unpacking and grocery shopping are overrated... give yourself some time friend. i say do something fun to ease yourself back in. pumpkin patch time!

Beth said...

For some reason... I just had to read about every blog post from packing to now--- I am so glad your boys have you as a mom... they are surely blessed by your wit, smile and joy! Blessings as you enter OCTOBER!!!