Thursday, September 8, 2011



What would you do if you had only one day left in London?

I would love to see the British Museum, but I am worried that the boys would be bored / scared of all the mummies that I would want to gawk at.

I was also thinking maybe St Paul’s Cathedral / Westminster Abbey, but I am worried that the boys would be bored / loud / enthralled with their echoes.


So much to do!  How can I decide?

Just interested in hearing what YOU would do, but who knows?  Maybe I will take your advice?




britney said...

I would see the "sites"...palace, Wesminster Abbey, etc, and get lots of pics of the kids in front of them.

grandma said...

I vote for St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey! Those old buildings are so amazing and beautiful and we have nothing like that in the U. S.
Just my opinion and you did ask....

Maureen said...

I agree with Britney and Grandma :)

Caitlin said...

I'm with the others, i would love to see St Paul's Cathedral and Westminister Abbey (one day...)
Have fun on whatever you decide to do! xx

Freya said...

Hi Caitlin!

St Pauls is EXPENSIVE (£12-ish I think) - well worth a look from the outside and pop inside to the lobby where you can have a bit of a nosey, without paying! No bored boys + stil see the sight.

The British museum is FREE! And I have never known a boy who doesn't LOVE the egyptian stuff. There aren't too many mummies, mainly pretty sarcopahgae (sarcophaguses?!!). There are loads of other cool areas too. Might be a bit dry/boring for young kids though.

For kids, the science museum or the natural history museum (or both! they're right next to each other) - they will love both and remember it/them forever. Longer journey though, unfortunately.

Enjoy your last day! Where are you going next?

Freya said...

Doh, shoulda read the blog first - the science museum is awesome though right?!!!

The Thames festival starts tomorrow - might be worth looking up what's going on with that?