Monday, September 5, 2011

London- the first morning


Let’s see now, where to begin?

I would like to just skip the whole plane ride part because, while it was not as bad as I thought it MIGHT be, it was still pretty bad.

Let’s just say that due to some miscommunication with the staff it turned out (after we had already taken off) that I couldn’t trade seats with Brian.  Also the plane didn’t take off for 40 minutes after we got in and strapped.

I thought that I might die, but I didn’t- so there you have it.

Now, on to the more fun parts!

Our driver from Heathrow to our hotel was wonderful and kept pointing out things and giving us the history on buildings.


(I was SOOOO tired.)

He looked just like the guy on “Love Actually” who sings “If you really love Christmas” and he used the term “It’s been there for a donkey’s age” when referring to an old building which I found so adorable and charming.


(wrong side of the road!)

We all slept in Saturday until 11 am London time- waking up to Joseph saying, “Mama, the sun is WAAAAY up in the sky!” 

(BTW: London is 5 hours later than NYC)

We got ourselves put together and headed out to get some hearty breakfast/lunch


at a café on the Thames.


Isaac loved throwing rocks into the river.

DSC_0352 He actually threw some at a lady too, but she was a really good sport about it. (Yay Brits!)

This means that Isaac has thrown rocks into the Potomac, the Hudson the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Long Island Sound, and the Thames, which is pretty good for 18 months.  It is pretty much his favorite past time.





It was such a beautiful and unusually warm (for London) day!  Just the perfect temperature for us Jersey folks, and a nice break from the humidity!



(we decided this one was too prude so..)


We took the Underground (subway) into another part of London

DSC_0011 (my camera was on a weird setting)




(Isaac got scared of the loud noises)



and we climbed onto a tour boat…


Maureen said...

SO awesome to actually SEE your faces with the London backdrops! Very cool and the "make out" picture made me laugh!!!

Jenners said...

Isaac is going to be globe trotting rock professional when he is grown. You do look tired. I'm amazed you survived the plane ride. URGH!