Wednesday, September 7, 2011

London Day 3-4

This is a combined post because we didn’t really do much on Monday. 

I had a sore throat so was trying to take it easy.  We went to a grocery store, ran around a nearby mall, and went to the Tower of London, only to find that it closes at 5pm.  Rats!


So the boys jumped off some things and chased birds instead.



By Tuesday, I was feeling a bit better, but still not great, and it was raining/pouring and so windy out.

But, I thought, ‘Well Caitlin, old girl, do you want to see the Tower of London, or not?  Because if you do, this is your chance.  Probably your only chance.  Rain, wind, whatever!  You are an Oregonian!  The kids will have to come with you and you will be sweaty, but at least you will get to see some of it!  Just. Do. It.’

(It’s a pep talk I give myself quite often, actually)

So, we went.


And took the Clipper again.


(Isaac is saying “BOAT!”)


And…here are my kids in front of the Tower of London:






And Joseph in front of All Hallows church right next door


Isaac was not thrilled to be stuck in the stroller, but I figured, hey, he isn’t the first person to cry while entering the Tower, am I right?


And when I let him down he didn’t want to go where I told him and he threw a little fit right there in the middle of everything.


(18 months-2.5 years and I have a love-hate relationship)

But Joseph, who is really into knights and kings and kingdoms right now, was in A.W.E.

DSC_0639 (“Mama!  Giant spikes!  Why?  Why are  there GIANT SPIKES??”)

DSC_0645         DSC_0651DSC_0650


The traitor’s gate where criminals (including Anne Boleyn) were brought in from the Thames.


What do you think we did in the water?


Yes, threw rocks, you are catching on!


“Look, boys, a soldier!  Go stand by him so we can take a picture!”


“Or not.”


Henry VIII’s armor.  Joseph’s Heaven.


the kings and their swords


(An original bathroom.)

Not pictured are the crown jewels that we got to see, but couldn’t photograph.




So, we actually had a pretty great time.  The only time that I thought I might pass out was when we were going down this really narrow spiral stone staircase (the original tower staircase in fact) and we had to go single file.

I was carrying Isaac because like an idiot I forgot the backpack in the stroller outside.  He had been throwing a fit in the throne room a few minutes before and hitting me about the head so we were both sweaty, plus I was feverish and shaky.

So, of course Joseph had to go in front of me since I couldn’t carry them BOTH and oh, heavens.  That child goes down stairs So. Slowly. 

And about 30 people were backed up behind me, and here is Joseph in front saying, “Easy does it!  I am going slow and steady!” and pointing out every pebble that he thought he needed to talk about and the staircase just kept going and going and going! 

I just started giggling uncontrollably.  I apologized to the people behind me (“Quite alright, luv!  He’s doing great!”) and we just kept on going and giggling and Joseph kept stumbling and saying, “Woah! Well, that’s why I hold on to the railing!  Slow and steady..”

An unforgettable moment of the Tower of London with my young children.


(Joseph heading into the dungeon)

Also upon entering the dungeon and seeing all of the torture devices on display in front of us, I quickly told Joseph that it was closed and we hurried on back out.  Some questions I really don’t want to answer.

DSC_0688  DSC_0690


My sweet children in front of the place where the beheadings took place: (oblivious)



Joseph had a fantastic time and asked as soon as we left if we could go through again.  I said maybe another time…

but I HAD to buy him this knights helmet in commemoration.


I had a fantastic few moments of peace while we sat and ate some delicious French pastries with this delicious view of Tower Bridge



We threw bread to some pigeons while we waited for the boats









That night I had the best fish and chips that I have ever had (oh man, my mouth is watering..)


and did I mention that Isaac has been struggling to go to sleep with all of us in one room?


My thought process before this picture was, ‘what was that noise?’ then ‘oh, hmmm.. I guess nothing’ and finally ‘ wasn’t there a lamp there?  wait, why is a cord leading to the crib…’



ter@waaoms said...

I love reading about your trip. I love Joseph's new pose and how Isaac always throws rocks. lol fun! The pics are great too, and makes me feel like I was there too, but I wasn't because SOMEBODY forgot to swing by and pick me up on the way....

grandma said...

thrown room....come on, Girlie!! You must mean "throne", right?
I loved the photos and the dialog. Tried to show grandma H. from Picasa and didn't know quite what to say, then saw the post after I took her home and put Rayley to bed. Perfect!! Will I drive over to pick her up and try again????????
So so proud of you and thrilled you are making the most of this opportunity. Love, Mom

Caitlin said...

whatev Mom! It's 10:15 at night over here! :) But I fixed it of course. And darn, I was so proud of all of my correct ____ and me/I 's !

Jenners said...

I am just loving reading about your trip … I feel like I'm there -- throwing rocks, pulling down lamps, eating dried blood.