Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I had twitter this week


(watching cat videos on Youtube while we waited for the hurricane to arrive)

(ps Mom twitter = messages you can post from your phone on the internet, kind of like public texting?)


- Things I never thought I would have to say: “Please stop licking my leg while I’m going poop.” 


- Also, “Do not put Helicopters/binkies/legos on your penis!”


- I got Joseph a Captain Britain doll in anticipation of our trip.  He is calling it “Captain Britney.”


-100000 points if anyone knows who Captain Britain fights with?  I tried to tell Joseph that it was Green Goblin, but he ain’t buyin.


I am toeing the line between neglect and trying to get some *!#$ packing done already!


Joseph is trying to convince me that we should go to China instead of England.


I am telling him that we can’t because its too…hot there…???  I am too lazy to think up any real reasons.


Okay, I finally just told him that for the LAST TIME we can’t go to China because it’s TOO FAR AWAY!.  He drug me to a map to point out how close it was.

Me: “Well, Joseph, that is actually Greenland.”

Joseph:  “Oh.  Can we go to GREENLAND??!!”

Me:  “No because it is too…cold there…?”


. I was talking about Halloween with Joseph.  I told him that you wear a costume and knock on the door and say trick or treat.

Me: “And then do you know what they give you?  It starts with a c!”

Joseph: “ Ummm… Couches?”




(At this point Isaac was excused from the cat video watching.)


ter@waaoms said...

If you had twitter, you'd probably end up being the person with the most followers, ever!
(I'll be one of your followers!)

Jen said...

You totally need to tweet. Its not just something you do from your phone. You can do it on the computer too. I can teach you and get you a ton of followers. Oh please join twitter.

Maybe after you get back from England.

Yes, Yes!

blueviolet said...

Twitter is a time suck, so keep that in mind before you jump in.

Your kids are endless entertainment for me.

T Rex Mom said...

Sounds like you have a little one who constantly asks questions, too. Have a really great time. And who is Captain Britian? Is this something I should know?

Jenners said...

I need to know what cat videos you were watching … they look like you guys are having a blast!

And you should Tweet -- people would love you … and it is much shorter. And I believe you can tweet photos too!

suzy said...

i LOVE this post! so so much!!!! and was praying for the plane ride... how was it?!!