Thursday, September 1, 2011




Well, folks, here we go!

My bags are packed,

my house is not NEARLY as clean as I would like to leave it, but I had to decide between continuing to be a raving lunatic, or to just give up the perfection thing.

The boys voted, and decided they really don’t mind if they come home to un-mopped floors.


We have a shuttle picking us up very early in the morning, and Isaac is all prepped to be a wonderful blessing to the other passengers on the plane-

teaching them patience and appreciation for the silence once they deplane at Heathrow.


I am planning on still blogging while I am there (mostly because our phones don’t work and I want to go ahead and let our families know that we are still alive)  but “the best laid plans” and all that, so we’ll see.


Did I mention that I am in coach with both boys by myself?

With Isaac in my lap?

In a seat without a tray table or under-seat storage?

And that there is a good chance that Brian can’t take a turn back in coach and switch seats with me?

Soooo wish me luck! 

Actually forget luck, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!!


ter@waaoms said...

have a great and safe trip!!!

Caitlin said...

have a great trip! can't wait to hear all the stories!

Nichole said...

I literally LOL'ed at this picture. Have a wonderful trip!

Jen said...

Have fun, be safe and come back with tons and tons of stories.

Jenners said...

I will pray without ceasing for you!!! Have fun. I am giddy with anticipation at the hilarious stories (that are probably going to be painful for you but hysterical to us) as a result of this trip!