Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Please excuse my absence.  We have been extremely busy:


fighting each other with straws!



playing with super heroes while kicking each other!


Drinking Yoohoo and Bud light respectively at our neighborhood (deliciousness-filled) hot dog joint!


Sweating profusely (me) while playing baseball (Joseph.  Kind of.)!


(Joseph insists that, when he misses, I yell strike!, but pronounced “Stee-hike!” [thanks Brian] and when he hits it, I have to yell “miso-miso!” which means “That went really far!” in Spanish.  According to Joseph, that is.)


getting stuck in laundry baskets!


So, as you can see, I am quite the important person and my schedule is just PACKED!

Also, my children are still resisting the whole sleep-on-command trick I am trying to teach them.  (“Sleep Joseph!  C’mon boy!  Ready…NOW!”)

And camera is broken.  I am refusing to buy one that is anything less than my dream camera-video recorder in one.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have pancakes to flip and beds to make.

Just living the dream people.

(seriously, though.  I kind of am.)


blueviolet said...

I think that is indeed living the dream!

Jen said...

Aren't we all living the dream.

T Rex Mom said...

Sounds a lot like our days here, too. But we don't go on any trips so no schedule adjustments needed for us. And if we stick to our routine, the kids do sleep. Yes, I do know how fortunate I am.

I hope all is well.

Jenners said...

You are living the dream ... the dream of crazy people!! HAHA! I feel like I'm in the same dream. And I sweat profusely too.

niki the awsomest said...

i love Joseph's funny face while he's holding the baseball bat! sooooo cute!

septembermom said...

That's the way to live a dream :) Enjoy these fun days with your little ones. Busy, busy, busy.

britney said...

I didn't know you needed a helmet to play baseball.