Monday, July 18, 2011

The Last Fair Post (I promise!)


Alternatively titled, “Brian for the win!”


Joseph may have gotten to ride on roller coasters with me, but with Brian he got to ride on


An elephant!


Kind of sad to see such a beautiful animal at a FAIR, but mostly really cool!




And, after that, Brian and Joseph got to ride on a…


Do you see it?

(PS that stadium is where the Jets play!  Or wait, is it the Giants?  whoops, I fell asleep!)


HELICOPTER!!!! (and a Batman one at that!)

Two videos for proof, feel free to skim:

(Is anyone else yelling inside, “Brian hold his hand!  Brian!! HIS HAND!!”  At the beginning of that one?) 

I also think it is funny that the man who is supposed to be guiding people safely to the helicopter is paying zero attention!



blueviolet said...

I can't believe this elephant ride. Very, very cool!

The helicopter thing is kinda spooky!

T Rex Mom said...

When I spied that it was a Batman helicopter, I could only imagine he was in heaven at that point. Is he still non-stop talking about it?

britney said...

So awesome! By the way, Brian looks about as tall as that elephant! His legs are so long. Joseph will probably be talking about that Batman helicopter for a long time.

Jen said...

Dads, always get to do the best things. :)

ter@waaoms said...

i love how excited he looked as he went towards the helicopter! and how come brian didn't have to duck to keep his head from hitting the blades??

septembermom said...

Very cool about the elephant ride. Fun times!