Monday, July 25, 2011



Dear Isaac,


Where is the lid to my blender? 

I know I left it on the counter, but now I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

I am 99% sure you took it, because, well, you know how Mommy keeps forgetting that you can reach the counter now and leaves little treats there for you?  Like the sugar bowl, or my glass of water, or the salt shaker.  Or the blender lid.

No more smoothies until we find it.

So get to it!

Also, please learn to talk, this YELLING phase is killing me.

Kisses and hugs, my cute little chubbers!



blueviolet said...

Isaac, have you found it yet? Go get it for mama, please!

grandma said...

Did you look in the toilet? YOUR favorite hiding place for all sorts of things when you were this age!

septembermom said...

My kids have their yelling moments still..I hate those moments!! LOL.