Monday, July 18, 2011

Let’s hear it for my man..



I’d like to take a minute to celebrate the unsung hero of “It’s Spelled Caitlin”, my husband, Brian.


He thought up the name of this blog for me, you know, and did the header.  And since then he has had to listen to me say

“I want to redo my blog!  Maybe a new header or lay out? Can you help me?”

(all things computer are his department, you see.  It’s called knowing your talents.)

Brian: Sure, what are you thinking that you might want…”

Me (sighing and throwing myself across the bed):

Uuuughhh… I don’t KNOW!!  I am just to tired to think about it.  Your kids today- SHEEEEESH!” and I’m off complaining about that for a while.

(Repeat a few weeks later.)



Did you know that he commutes an hour to work each way every day?

And it includes walking and public transportation, and the smell of NYC in July (yuck.), and homeless people wanting money, and tourists wanting pictures with the American giant. (I made that last part up.  But mark my words…)

And yet, when he gets home, he can’t even get out of his sweaty work clothes before I throw the children at him like testosterone-crazed hot potatoes. (Although I do go make him wash the city off his hands. Blech!)

I also…well, wait, I’m not sure if I have admitted this to him…oh well, best to be out with it! 

Anyway, I also fill Joseph’s head all day long with the fun! fun! fun! things that Brian will do with him when he gets home! 

When Daddy gets home, you can wrestle! Play super heroes with him! Wear that costume!  Have him fix all of your toys!  Make animal balloons! Juggle!” 

You see?  So Brian walks into the world where he is now the sole clown/pillow to jump on / fixer of all things super heroes.



Brian also comes in contact with thousands of people each day.

No, no, I don’t really think I am exaggerating in this case.

He works right in the heart of the city and between getting there and working in his building, and walking to lunch/eating lunch, conference calls all day long, the commute back here…it’s a lot.

But, when he gets home, he has one special but very lonely little poodle waiting to leap into his lap, lick his face (ha ha! eww), and be showered with attention and affection.

A sweet, adorable little poodle named Caitlin.


But he also gets the added bonus of my mood swings!!  Huzzah!

Will he come home to find mopey Caitlin threatening to move to Oregon the very next day and wailing,

But I don’t have any frieeeeennddds!!!  I ‘m loooooonely!!!”

Or will he find happy Caitlin who gushes about her day and is all

I love it here!  Let’s live here forever!  I have all the social contact I need!  Where can we go on our next adventure?!”




And then there is the money issue.

He works hard for his money.

And comes home to me talking about

Look what I just got!  Isn’t it cute?!  And we need new ---, and I need a new picture to put----.  I want to go to Oregon! Idaho! Kansas! Europe!”

Clearly, I am (inadvertently! I think! Probably!) trying to spend all of his money every day.

But if he starts to talk about budgets or monitoring my spending, I get all huffy and say something like,

“You can’t take it with you!” or,my personal favorite,

You’re not my DAAAAAAAD!!”


Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are some definite perks to being married to me: Ahem,

1) Do you remember that I make all of our bread from scratch?

2) I also wash, fold, and put away all of his laundry. 

3) And I have sarcastic jokes for HOURS baby.

And maybe a few other perks too…(wink! wink!)

(Wait…to be clear, I am referencing my superior winking ability here, Not anything else.  For shame!)


But, for the most part,

I am not a walk in the park.

Unless your walk in the park is actually crawling through a desert with no map and no water.

But man that sand looks pretty!


So thank you Brian! 

I love you very much!

And I just sent Joseph to go find you!

So I hope you weren’t doing anything important in the living room!


Do you see me?


T Rex Mom said...

This was great. An excellent piece of writing on top of that.

And I really like that last photo - awesome!

I am not sure who has the better deal. But I'm just glad you're together and have each other to enjoy the ups/downs and all the other adventures life has to offer to you.

sarah said...

bread recipe please? :D
also, hilarious.

Caitlin said...

love that last photo, ha ha!

grandma said... sweet! I remember the days of countdown to Dad's arrival at home. It's hard work to make family work, marriage work, etc. You do a great job!

Jen said...

What a sweet tribute to the man. :)

britney said...

He IS a great guy. What a nice tribute to the man of the house.

septembermom said...

Awesome post! I remember those days when I would get the little ones pumped up for when Daddy gets home. Of course now, I use the line: "Wait until your Dad gets home and sees what you guys did." They go into hiding.

~~Mel~~ said...

Loved this post! you crack me up!