Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Well, alrighty folks. 

That is two posts in a row about Brian and, lest you start to think that this blog is called It’s Spelled B-r-i-a-n (which isn’t that hard of a name to spell correctly), it is time to get back to basics.


I’m the basics.

So, let’s chat about me:



I have a few broken blood vessels on my stomach currently from when I had to help my downstairs neighbor break into her own apartment a few weeks ago.

How did I get broken blood vessels on my stomach doing that?  You might ask.

Well, I was standing on a garbage can that she was holding steady, and then I had to leap through the air towards one of her windows (the garage is on the first floor, so she is really on the 2nd floor, you see).

I landed onto my stomach on her window sill and then had to flip head first into her apartment.

Joseph still talks about it all the time. “Mama!  You did a forward ROLL!”  As if he should be surprised by my supreme athleticism.  Sheesh!

My neighbor was super grateful and even gave me a hug and tried to kiss my cheek maybe but I turned and it was on my hair instead. 

I would like to think that, for a little while, it makes up for the fact that my husband has size 15 surfboards for feet (read: LOUD WALKER), and that Isaac skids blocks across our wood floor (read: her ceiling) before the sun has fully made its appearance.


I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of these lounge pants (and I got them at %30 off!) and, as Brian can attest, I have worn them every day for the past few weeks.

Although they don’t look NEARLY as loose on me as they do on the model.  Strange.

I realized that I was wearing one outfit (deemed by me to be “cute” or “fashionable”) to go run a few errands, and then changing back into “comfy clothes” when I got home!  But NO MORE!!

I will be comfy full time!!!  Comfy is the new cute!!  At least until I start feeling frumpy and fat and need to look cute cute again!!

Or until I die of heat stroke and decide to shave and wear shorts.


I have been eating so much watermelon that it is effecting my “regularity.” 

And I mean REALLLY effecting it.

Does this mean that I should back off on the watermelon, or that it is an excellent source of fiber?


We have a few exciting things in the works around these parts right now.

(not quite having a baby exciting or we’re moving exciting, but still fun…)

I am not quite ready to share until I get all of these details ironed out, but here is a hint…




Phew!  I am on a bit of a blogging rampage lately, am I not?

Turns out I have a lot to chat about lately and I figure, why let Brian and the cashier I trapped into conversation this morning have all the fun?



ter@waaoms said...

whoo hoo! passport pics = coming to visit ter in canada!!

(no? well gosh darn it.)

look at you with your forward rolling and all that.

I always opt for comfort over style. go you. :)

Caitlin said...

comfort over style all the way! another adventure... looking forward to it!

septembermom said...

You have such a fun blogging "voice!" I always smile when I read your posts. You are one Spiderwoman there trying to help your friend. Can't go wrong with comfy pants!

The heat has been terrible, hasn't it?

blueviolet said...

I shall never chastise you for comfort. My motto is "Comfort is the key." And it's the key to pretty much everything.

You could be a superhero with those moves you made the other day!

sarah said...

what cute passport photos! my emma was 7 weeks when i had to hold her out in front of the back drop, prop up her head and keep my fingers out of the picture. adorable. :)

have fun, where ever youre going!

T Rex Mom said...

Great photos of the kids for their passports.

And I used to kind of look down on folks who went shopping in their comfy clothes. No longer - they were probably tired parents like me. I went to Costco this week with the kids wearing my work out pants and shirt. At least I put on sneakers so the ensemble matched.

Cool Wicked cups. We were listening to it this morning. I think T Rex is going to start telling people "No one mourns the wicked".

MaryIsAtDTS said...

Caitlin! My sisters and I just sat here and read your whole post laughing hysterically. We think you should be published. Do NOT take that as a compliment. (that is a new joke I made up). London SO soon!!!