Monday, January 6, 2014

Tonight, a postponing of the christmas posts




I was all set to write about Christmas tonight, when I heard a little voice saying, “Mama?” from the hallway.


Isaac in his sleepsack and freshly-shampooed hair was having scary thoughts about “skunks and their little blue eyes” and he needed his Mama.


So, I rocked my little middle child in the same rocking chair I have rocked him in since he was born and I sang to him his baby song.


I watched his eyes close and his face relax and his cheeks flush pink.


I saw the yelling, lying (should we say “fibbing?”  it sounds cuter), mischievous, hot tempered façade fade away and oh! you guys!  There was my baby!  There was the little boy with the twinkly eyes and the sweet heart!   There is the little guy who will give you half of his favorite candy bar just because you might want it. (and do you want the last bite of his half?  you can have it!)  This is who he really is! 



Tonight,  I needed this reminder, and I needed to blog about this instead.

To commemorate this exact moment when I got to rock my little boy to sleep to scare away the skunks.  This moment when my house is actually pretty cleanish.  And fresh bread is in the cupboard.  When happy little boys with full bellies and kissed faces are tucked into their beds. 


The time when I was reminded that ISAAC IS ONLY THREE and the difficulties that come with him at three will pass, just like his babyhood has.

Tonight, I am blessed.

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Maureen said...

And THAT is why every little boy needs his loving Momma! We see them with those eyes and though the love doesn't blind us, it does make us cheer them on and love them no matter what!
Isaac is a GREAT little guy and he is a lucky little boy to have YOU!