Thursday, January 23, 2014

If you make it through these ramblings then YOU deserve a cookie.




4:00-5:30 pm is our “witching hour” (and a half) (we are over-achievers) 


I feel like its not my kids that I get tired of per se (sometimes it IS my kids that I get tired of per se), but the MOTHERING of them.

The consistency, the follow-through,  the wiping (oh the wiping!), the disciplining, the saving them from each other and themselves...


Sometimes, instead of mothering them, I just want to hold them quietly on my lap while stroking their soft cheeks and shoving warm cookies into their adorable little mouths.  But no talking!  Just cheek-stroking and snuggling and cookies.


Or maybe I want to go into a soundproof room with some kind of window where I can stare at them and watch their cute faces and their imaginations and their smiles.  And there are still cookies, but this time they are with me in my room.  And a bed for napping.  Also, sometimes they can come in and give me hugs, but again- no talking!  Mommy is sleeping! (and eating!)

But just for a an hour or so!  I promise!


I had a point, I think, but this post is now too long- too long!!  All I can do is ramble lately! - and it will have to wait for another post, with my apologies. 


Also, now all I can think about is cookies- and how can I pretend that cookies are vegetables?  Vegetable shortening?

I’m putting myself to bed immediately.


Brian Bews said...

I love you so much!!

Brian Bews said...

Whoopsie- that comment is from Carrie, just saying....