Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodnight and Good luck.


Bedtime ramblings by yours truly


The house is quiet except for the hum of the dishwasher and the whirring of the children’s box fans. (lest the darlings wake each other during their nighttime wailings)

I think the worst part of nighttime for me is the unpredictability of it all.

Will I sleep through the glorious night?

Will Samuel be awake mysteriously for four hours? (last monday)

Will someone awaken with fevers, nightmares, wet beds, or (knock on wood! for heavens sake knock on wood!) vomit?


Motherhood involves a lot more of me feeling unprepared than I thought it would.

Also, a lot more of me thinking that I might die from the hardness of it all, but that’s for another day.

DSC_0054(Samuel STUCK in a cupboard!)


I think I am ready for the 3 vs 1 mom-work-week ahead; or as ready as I’ll ever be.

Joseph’s favorite shirt is sitting out for school, and the shoes whose “turn” it is to go to school have been scrubbed.

The house is relatively clean, floors mopped, and I have a giant bowl of muffin batter waiting in the fridge for daily fresh muffins.


Lest you start to be intimidated by my mothering prowess let me throw in that:


- my children have started referring to my jeans as my “fancy pants”, as in “why are you wearing your fancy pants?  are we going to church?”


- my “floor mopping” actually consists of Samuel playing naked in a tub of water and me mopping up the spilled water with a rag towel.  Totally counting it as mopping, even if he often poops on the floor too.


Did I go too far?  Are you judging me now?  You guys, FRESH MUFFINS DAILY!  FOCUS ON THE MUFFINS!



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grandma said...

Those little boys will never know how lucky they are until one day far, far in the future when they remember "Hey! Did our mom really let us play in a tub of water on the kitchen floor? Did she REALLY make her own bread and fresh muffins daily?" Your poor daughters-in-law are just going to be thinking "WHAT?????"