Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marriage on a Wednesday Night



(He didn’t even know I was watching)



Right now Brian is in bed, watching a movie that I don’t care about.

But, I know that as soon as I go in there, he will switch it to whatever I want.

And I know that he will pause when I ask him to, and listen to me complain about our children whom I wanted (want!) and the job that  he supports with his hard work (staying at home with my babies) without a shred of judgment.

I know that he will offer me good, rational advice, even though I don’t always (often) take it.  And even if sometimes I yell “I don’t want your advice! Just listen!”


He will make me feel like Caitlin again, and not like the shell of a mom beaten down by arguing, yelling, “Hulk SMASH!!”-ing, and bodily fluids.


I know that he is waiting for me to make popcorn, because I do it the best.

And that he isn’t going to say a word about me eating popcorn at 8:36 pm when I’m on a diet.


(Also, lets focus on the fact that its popCORN which is basically a vegetable.)

(Except, actually, corn isn’t that healthy, so lets just call it “spinach.”, mmmkay?)



All of this is waiting for me, as soon as I get off this computer.

So I guess I

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Maureen said...

I'm glad you have him to join as you relax and watch TV on your big screen! You BOTH deserve it...and you do make great popcorn, too :)