Monday, August 22, 2011

While I was taking pictures of bread for my bread post


A naked Isaac climbed up on the table to sniff Mommy’s flowers (that Daddy brought!)

And yes, he did pee on them.

And yes, I did capture it on camera.

As you can see (this is right after he peed and I shrieked!) he felt kind of bad about it




(Have I mentioned that he is loud?)




T Rex Mom said...

I sense potty training time if he can pee on flowers he can pee on a toilet. But it will mean the use of those super amazing dipes from sloomb are numbered.

Last night in the bath tub I was in with Bebe Sis and she leaned against my back and peed on me. Oh the warm trickle down the back. I just laughed. At least we did not break our clean diaper streak!

How about some video of that shriek? I need to appreciate it.

Jenners said...

Oh My Lord!!! I can't imagine you ever being able to look away!! Bet those flowers don't smell quite so good now!

ter@waaoms said...

oh gosh!!!

life with a boy, eh??

grandma said...

Look at the rolls on his belly when he bends over, ha ha ha, adorable!