Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Date Night

date night2

(taken on my phone right after the show)


I have been struggling to find words to describe how terrific our date was on Saturday.

How do you describe perfection?

Frankly, I have been a little depressed all week in the aftermath.


(Times Square on a Saturday.  On our way to Brian’s office)


It was our (early) anniversary present to ourselves.

We escaped the children for 12 hours (12 hours people!).

We went into the city just the two of us.


(These pictures make me laugh.)

I road the subway for the first time with no children.  (What an easy, convenient, and rather pleasant way to travel!  Who knew?!)

The Lion King on Broadway was FANTASTIC.

I finally got to see Brian’s office.


Our dinner here was incredible.

We went to Gotham Comedy Club to see Jimmy Fallon and Bobby Slayton.  Oops, and Robin Williams just happened to be sitting behind us.

It was a lovely, rainy night, Brian remembered his umbrella, and there was a cool breeze coming in from the water.



And just in case you are wondering, my Heaven is:

Walking with my arm around Brian under an umbrella while the traffic roars by us.


  Crying/laughing/sobbing a bit at the spectacular opening of “The Lion King” as I cling to his arm and eat pretzels.


  Laughing with each other at the restaurant when we were so unfamiliar with eating at such a nice place.  I kept accidentally making eye contact with the server and he kept coming over to see what I needed immediately!  Also I cleaned my plate, which I never do in a restaurant.


  Laughing for an hour at the comedians while playing footsie with my dear husband, and Robbie (can I call you Robbie, Robin Williams?) laughed along just a few feet away.


Coming home to find the babies that we made together sleeping peacefully after a fun day with the babysitter. 


This video is shaky, and might make you a bit dizzy. 

But, it does give you a pretty good feel for Times Square, AND I look at you like I love you at the end.  Because I loooove me some Brian!


blueviolet said...

omg, your love for Brian is so sweet!!! I'm so glad you had such a romantic time that day.

Maureen said...

You two deserved such a perfect Date! Love you both so much...and your precious offspring!

ter@waaoms said...

lol, you're right, I did get dizzy watching that video. :)

I'm glad you had a great date day.

and I'm sure the best part was coming home! :)

Jenners said...

You look just darling!! And I'm so happy you had a 12 hour date … in NYC … with Robin Williams … and a fancy restaurant!! How wonderful!!

septembermom said...

We were in Times Square a few weeks ago. So much energy there. Glad that you had a great date night.

T Rex Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect date. So many fun adventures. I bet you missed the kid, though, huh? How was the sitter?

You and your lovely pastel colors really stand out among that crowd.

And that crowd - I had a small bit of anxiety just imagining myself in such a large crowd. There were probably more people in that area than are in the entire state here.

suzy said...

Caitlin! You look SO pretty! And your date looked like a blast...what a treat friend!!! :)