Monday, August 29, 2011

Well that wasn’t so bad!


We are still here!

Irene was a pretty good storm, but as a hurricane goes?  Meh.  Not so bad.

I am mostly just thankful, though.

Thankful that we didn’t have to be evacuated!  (Although staying in a shelter with the boys would have made one heck of a blog post!)

Thankful that we NEVER lost power!!!!

Thankful that I have some delicious beef jerky and cracker snacks for the next several months!

(I am keeping the water though- No more day-before-Target-panics for me!)

Here is a video of our little corner of Hurricane Irene, taken at about 7 am yesterday morning.


FYI at this point, the hurricane looked about like this:



(I went online and copied/pasted this picture right after I took the video)

So (brushes off hands) that’s over with! (the hurricane rolls were DE-LISH by the way!)

Time to move on important things… like flying to London on FRIDAY!!!!



ter@waaoms said...

glad you weren't hit too badly by the storm. and you must be getting excited for your trip. I can't remember how long you're going to be gone for, but in any case have a GREAT time! :) (and fly safe!) (does that make it sound like you're the one flying the plane??)

blueviolet said...

I'm glad by the time it got up your way that it had toned down a bit. Whew! We lost power for 24 hours here. :(

T Rex Mom said...

We're you just saying recently you were needing a bit more adventure? Ask and you shall receive.

Looking forward to all the details from your trip.

Jenners said...

It really wasn't so bad … after all the hype, I thought we were all doomed!!! So excited to hear about the London trip!

Caitlin said...

glad you're all safe, can't wait to hear about the london trip!!

Rachel said...

Looks like Oregon