Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well hello.




It’s been a while.

Here are my excuses:


a) I have been sick (as in fever, shakes, call your husband to come home from work because you cannot make it sick).


b) Isaac puked all over his shirt and the grocery cart at Whole Foods.  The nice thing is it was from laughing so hard at Joseph, the not nice thing is…well.. he puked all over his shirt and the grocery cart at Whole Foods.


(This is Isaac’s best joke right now.  Oooh two binkies!)

c) I spent over an hour trying to put together a push bike for Isaac while he cried that he couldn’t use it yet.   I cursed (mostly silently) and, sweated, and Isaac grabbed one of the poles I was using and hammered on the floor, denting our beautiful (rented) hardwood in quite a few places.  Insert not so silent curse word here.


d) We went outside to water the garden, and Isaac pulled up a pepper plant and Joseph drug (dragged?) the hose across the garden and destroyed a cabbage.  All in a day’s work.


e) Joseph stuck the hose into a drain pipe and out washed a neat little hornets nest.  We went inside.


(Joseph is not a fan of having his picture taken.)

f) I was lost in New Jersey for a good 20 minutes.  With a GPS system.  Talent!  Recalculating…


g) Isaac has learned how to push a chair up to the counter to reach anything and everything.  Also to turn on the oven and start the microwave.


h) It’s a million degrees out.  Or, you know, 87, but whatever!  I have a FEEEEEVER!


i) In the hot weather I took the boys to the park so that Isaac would stop turning on the darn oven, and we had to walk a million miles to the bathroom so that Joseph could pee and then just when we made it back to the playground and Isaac started playing, Joseph announced that he had to POOP, so I had to drag a screaming Isaac a million more miles while we waited for Joseph to poop and there were bees everywhere and I declared park time to be OVER!  NO MORE PARK- EVER!!!!!


What was that Caitlin?  All that was just yesterday? 

Oh sweetie!  Nap time for you!





PS Isaac may or may not have learned how to say the word “spanking” this week.  Not sure how…


blueviolet said...

OH boy, that is a week that bears NOT repeating! Even in your feverish condition, you crack me up!

T Rex Mom said...

Oh golly. I hope today is an improvement. And feel better soon. That does not sound like fun.

Good times, eh?

ter@waaoms said...

so, you had a great day, did you? :)

(feel better!)

Jenners said...

Oh my Lordy … what a day. You deserve a nap and to sleep in and another nap and a vacation!

Maureen said...

MAN, it is a good thing you have cute kids!!! That is a lot to tolerate in one day...and especially with a fever! LOVE YOU and THANK YOU!