Sunday, August 7, 2011

Interpretive Dance


Looks like Youtube might remove this video for copyright problems (since it features Florence and the Machine’s song), so GET IT WHILE IT LASTS!!

This is by far their favorite song to dance to- and I am just glad to get a break from Raffi.

Please note: When Joseph sings this song, he sings. “Dog days are over nah nah White Man!  Gonna get you!”… not sure why, but there it is.


ter@waaoms said...

cute! I like how part of the dance includes running around the rooms!

and your apartment seems bigger than my house!

Brandon and Angela said...

oh my word. love his dancing. VERY cute

suzy said...

ha!!!!!!!! love this video! :)

Heidi said...

Love it! Great dancing, Joseph!! :)

britney said...

He does way better than most of the people who try out for So You Think You Can Dance.

T Rex Mom said...

This was great. Joseph has some very modern dance style moves. T Rex's are more jumpy with most of the motion in his hands. Bebe Sister is the dancer in the family.

I have to agree with Ter - that apartment looks pretty big - nice wide open space.