Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I have bad news, people.

After about a week of Isaac crying for a few hours every night, I have cut dairy out of my diet

And he is doing much better.

Wait, you say, why is that bad news?

Well, dear readers, while I am THRILLED that Isaac is feeling better, be selfish for a minute and think about a certain dairy something that I am going to have to give up for an undisclosed amount of time.

And if you say yogurt, well, you can’t be my friend.

That’s right, it’s my dear love, and the light of my life (just kidding Brian and kids…sort of…)- CHOCOLATE!

How can I go on without it?

I was all full of talk about how I would eat healthy after I had this baby, but… well…I didn’t really mean it!

And now I am forced to.


I know that there isn’t anything that you or anyone else can really do about it.

So can you guess what I really want to hear by writing this post?

That’s right:

All together now: “Pooooooor Caitlin!”

As I reply in a martyr-ish voice: “Sigh, anything for my baby.” 



PS:  Send Gummy Bears.  And maybe some sort of non-dairy doughnut?  I’m dying here!



(Who Do I Choose?!)


T Rex Mom said...

I didn't tell you but I had some of those Cadbury eggs packed along with the brownies for you and then remembered about the no-dairy, no chocolate diet. It's the thought that counts, right? At least the hard candies might make up for it a little.

Off to work out - hopefully no lactic acid in the milk this evening...

Good luck to you and me, too!

Katie said...

Caitlin, I stumbled across your blog via Suzys. I don't know if you have a whole food close to you, but they have an allergen free/vegan chocolate chip. Its not like eating a bar of Milk Chocolate, but it works really well in cookies. I think that giving up all chocolate would kill me.

Jenners said...

OH MY GOD! I'm so so so sorry ... this is horrible. I feel your pain. I have one word that will solve all your problems: FORMULA!

Maureen said...

All I can say is it sure is a good thing he is CUTE, otherwise the choice would be nearly impossible :) You have every right to whine sweets - let's hope it doesn't last TOO long!!!

Nina said...

Oh no! I went through a little of that with my youngest when he was a new born. I cut out the dairy and chocolate for a while. Give it time because it could be a very temporary thing and you will be enjoying that chocolate again in no time.

~~Mel~~ said...

No chocolate...I think I'd die...I'm soooo sorry!