Monday, January 11, 2010

Just the Two of Us



(picture from summer of 2009)


I have been a bit emotional lately. 

Just, you know, the past nine months or so.

(somewhere, Brian is reading this and nodding his head…because he knows that I can’t see him…)

This weekend, I cried at a movie, not because it was sad, but because the little boy in the movie turned eight.

Eight years old.

So old.

And some day Joseph will be that old.

And he won’t be my baby anymore.

And once I have the new baby, he won’t really be a baby anymore.

And WAAAAAHHHH!  Cue tears.

So, I am going to take it easy on the blogging for the next little bit, and enjoy the time that I have with just me and my (still little thank heavens!!) 2 year old boy. 




Jen said...

You guys are so cute but in that picture is looks like you are going trying to pop his head off.

Sorry, it just struck me as funny.

I wish you all the best in the next couple of weeks. I hope that you have a safe delivery and I can't wait to read the post announcing your new little (big) guy. :)

T Rex Mom said...

Thanks for having us over this morning - it was a nice break in our very long morning. T Rex talked about Joseph and Elmo and trains and balls all the way home. Oh, and the super cool Sesame Street potty seat!

Love the photo and it is unbelievable how fast they grow. We've been trying to soak up every moment with our little guy. As you said this morning, when that new baby comes, it will make them seem even bigger even though they are still little!

Darn it - now I'm all teary eyed!

I'm struggling with the thought that when I have the new baby it will be the longest time I'll have ever been away from T Rex - I've never even spent a night away from him. Okay, now I'm thinking home birth...Our anesthesiologist friend can handle the pain meds...

ter@waaoms said...

gosh, now there's a happy kid... smiling as his mother is strangling him! LOL

suzy said...

so sweet!!! enjoy the time with just joseph

septembermom said...

What a sweet post. You're beautiful together in the picture. Joseph knows that he has a wonderful mommy.

Jenners said...

I hear you .. take the time to cherish these moments before all hell breaks loose.

Nina said...

Yeah, I wont even tell you how fast this time will go. I ask every day how I have a 7 year old and my baby is already 2. Seems like yesterday my 7 year old was my 2 year old baby.