Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Ready



Big brother helping to clean Isaac’s carseat




Also, in the world of Joseph-excitement; today, for the first time, he got out of his crib after nap and came to find me on his own. 

I was on the computer (of course) and didn’t hear a thing on the monitor. 

All of a sudden, I heard, “Hi Mommy!” 

And there was Joseph, standing and smiling nervously in the doorway.

He wasn’t sure how I would react-

I wasn’t sure how to react. (It had only been and hour and 15 min. since he went down!)

I chose to laugh, get up from the computer, and start our afternoon.


ter@waaoms said...

hehe he's showing you he's a big boy now! :)

T Rex Mom said...

We're doing some of the same stuff around here - cleaning up T Rex's old stuff to pass along to Baby Sister. Aren't the boys so sweet trying to help?

By the way, new car seat? I don't recall that's what Joseph's looked like.

Funny - jumping out of the crib to find you after nap time. Charming! (T Rex napped for nearly 3 hours today! Lovely!) Great to see you and we'll see you soon if not sooner!

Jenners said...

At least you didn't scream! I'm afraid that would have been my reaction!

septembermom said...

Joseph will be a great helper! He knew how to surprise you :) What a big boy!

Nina said...

Looks like big brother is all set to help out. How quickly they grow and turn independent.