Thursday, January 14, 2010

At Least I Can Cook, Clean, and Have Babies.


I decided that it was time to teach Joseph some new shapes.

He knows the ol’ circle-square-rectangle routine, but let’s face it, that trick won’t get us asked back to many parties.

It was time to kick it up a notch.  Keep our competitive edge.

It was time to introduce the Hexagon.


On Monday, while we were coloring, I casually drew a hexagon, and asked Joseph what it was. 

He replied that it was a barn. 

I corrected him and told him that, while it was RED like a barn, it was actually a shape called a Hexagon.

I drew a few more, all the while talking about these things called Hexagons and how cool they were.

When I asked again, he clearly answered that the shape was a, “Hexagon.”  (Well, actually, “heck-a-gon,” but let’s not pull teeth)

I was so proud and entertained a few thoughts about how being a mother was the best teaching job in the whole world.

Fast forward to yesterday.

We were hanging out in the library (just killing time until our my favorite kids’ resale shop opens, let’s be honest) and I came across a toddler puzzle.  It had various shapes on it, and when you lifted each one out, it had the name of the shape written underneath.

Eureka!  Another learning opportunity!

I put it down in front of Joseph and we started in.

Me: “What’s this, Joseph?”


Me: That’s right, a CIRCLE!  How about this one?”


Me: Rectangle!  That’s right! it comes…the big test… ”What’s this shape, Joseph?”


Me: (flushing with pride, and looking around to see if anyone had overheard my little boy-genius.)  “That’s right!  That is a…”

Wait a minute.

When I lifted up the hexagon out of the puzzle board, the word underneath said “Pentagon.”

It was a pentagon.  It IS a pentagon.

I taught my child, successfully as it turns out, that a pentagon was a hexagon.


I really have nothing more to say on this matter.

Besides that, if I have gone 25 years without knowing for sure what a hexagon was, then clearly, my two year old does not really need to know.


Also, for the record


= Pentagon













     = Hexagon



ter@waaoms said...

No Home-Schoolin' for you, I guess!

blueviolet said...

Shape Fail!

septembermom said...

Let hubby worry about shape education! You've got enough on your plate. Cute post :)

britney said...

Serves you right for dropping out of college (Just kidding). Can you say brain fart?

T Rex Mom said...

Nice...I told you earlier this week we were still working on hexagon too! How a are you going to add octagon to the mix too? Too funny!

~~Mel~~ said...

Blame it on the preggo brain! lol.

Brandon and Angela said...

this made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

Maureen said...

Well, thank goodness Joseph is SO smart, because he will relearn so quickly :) (spoken like a true grandmother) YOU are so stinkin funny Caitlin and so very talented!

Nina said...

You crack me up... OK, we have a puzzle like that and I have never been one to know my shapes beyond the simple ones. Be proud he knows the ones he does. Great job mom!

suzy said...


Jenners said...

Oh that is classic!!! And I was going along with you -- yes, yes -- a pentagon is shaped like a barn!