Monday, June 1, 2015

Thank goodness for my zoom lens



Zoomed in



Zoomed out


I’m working to find the beauty in both views!



But I must say, there is GREAT beauty in Chipotle for lunch.

There is one 6 minutes from home (yes, we timed it) and I’m not going to say that I go there a lot…but I spent more on Chipotle last month than I did on GAS!  For the entire month!


Also, the last time we were headed there, Samuel kept saying something that I couldn’t quite understand…until it came to me.  He was saying “mild and corn salsa” which are the salsa options I always select.  He also correctly identified whether I would want black or pinto beans, and white or brown rice!  Ha! 

But I’m rambling!



PS Its black and brown obviously.  I’m a health nut!

PPS The opposite of health nut actually because I just made this recipe for the first time since that day and yuuuuuuum!

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suzy said...

i love to read all these! i want to buy a peony bush i love them! Isaac cracks me up in his graduation videos :) slight grimace but oh so focused and sincere and tall and cute! :)