Friday, June 5, 2015

Preschool Graduation



Well folks, he did it!  Isaac graduated from preschool! (they all did, but shh! don’t tell him!)



For those of you who didn’t know, I enrolled Isaac in a little in-home daycare in the spring.  With full-day kinder looming ahead of us, I thought it might be good for him to become a little acclimated to the school setting.





You might think that this is code for “it might be good for him to stop talking to Mommy for one little minute”, but its not!  It’s ACTUALLY code for “it might be good for him to stop wrestling with everyone he sees all the time, because its not socially acceptable in the public school system.”


In any case, he LOVED IT and absolutely LIT UP every time I took him there.  He only had to sit in the “thinking chair” once, and it was on his very first day when he “didn’t know that he couldn’t karate chop people at school”  (See?! SEE??!)


(Above: This was his proud face when he saw Brian sitting in the crowd)


We didn’t feel too sad about him leaving his teacher behind because- good news!  She is doing some summer camps!  And you can bet that his adorable little behind is going. (This time its for the  quit-talking-to-mommy-thing.)  (I mean socialization)


Lets take a minute to observe a few things about the picture above.  First of all, I’m sorry for blacking-out the other kids faces, it just felt weird to put them on the internet.  And I know I could have done a cute little heart or smiley face stamp on their faces instead but I DON’T KNOW HOW!

Anywhoo, what I want you to observe is

1) How very very much taller Isaac is than all of his classmates.  He truly is a giant!  Some of the kids are still four, but 5 of them are his same age (or older!)

2) There were all boys in his class, except one little girl who joined a month or two before the class ended.  His teacher is clearly a SAINT!

3)  He is the only kid not looking at the teacher.


I am so happy that Isaac got to have this experience.  He is such a kind friend, and so enthusiastic.  Truly an adorable child (even if he does stand in the toilet and flush to see if it spins him around) (NOT. JOKING.) and that little sparkle in his eyes melts my heart.




Waaaah!  I’m going to miss him in the faaaall!!




In any case, here are some videos for your viewing pleasure…

I was going to say that these may be tedious if you are not a relative, but no!  He is so adorable and cheerful and heart-achingly earnest.  I declare them worth watching for everyone!  Or maybe I’m just biased?  But for posterity at least- behold!  Isaac’s graduation!:


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Mom said...

Rayley,Lorelai and I sang along with Isaac!
Congratulations, Big Guy!