Monday, June 1, 2015

Late Spring at My House




Preschool is over, and just two more weeks of school left for Joseph, until we are home free!  I am READY!


Wait, am I ready?  I think I’m ready?



I’m READY to be done packing lunches and getting Joseph out the door by 7:15, I am NOT READY to be hot and sweaty and yelling at all of my three children to “stop touching each other!”  and “Poop is NOT FUNNY TO ME!” all day every day. 



I am READY for more BBQs and crock pot meals, and “oh my goodness! Where did the time go? We spent all morning at the park!” kind of days. 


I’m ready for slow mornings where my children won’t only be fed cereal every day for breakfast.  Or maybe they will and that’s okay because they love it! (also because sprayed-on-vitamins!)


And more days when a trip to Target is an unhurried event, with a list that looks like this:


(In case you can’t read that, it says “Pokemon, Bubbles, Cereal”  which was all that we “needed”)

And when I’m not rushed, its easier for this charmer to convince me to get things like this


because WHY NOT?!?  I won’t regret those $30 in ten years…LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS!!


I’m loving the longer daylight, the turning off of electronics, the popsicles filling my whole freezer. (We have lots of neighbor kids!)


I’m loving the fans in the window, the shaving of my legs…oh wait, not that one!…the flowers and strawberries and green and Oh! Oregon in June is so beautiful!


And I can’t forget the telltale sign that summer is coming to our house- my laundry pile FULL OF STRIPEY SHORTS!


Six summers running I’ve been getting these shorts, and some of them are on their 4th year (and 5th boy!) so they are extra sentimental.


Yes, I am joyfully anticipating this next season, and the change of pace it brings to us.  So, BRING IT ON SUMMER!!


(Until August) 


(August is my nemesis)


(My other nemesis is Samuel at a grocery store today.  Three words for you:  Screaming, flailing, and chips-ahoy-display-smashing.)

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