Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Night


Tonight was a “lock your children outside while you blast Dreamgirls’ soundtrack and clean up the kitchen while regrouping your patience” kind of night.



It was the kind of night where Joseph wanted to go to a new neighbor friend’s house, and I said okay (reluctantly, because I don’t know this kid well yet), but to be home by 3:45, and it rolled around to 4 and still no Joseph and I was thinking that he was for sure kidnapped or missing and I was angry-because-I-was-scared.  And then I found him (at the friends house still obviously) and he thought it was 4 he needed to be home and I was still mad, and we hugged and he said, “Can we drop it, because it was really only 15 minutes.”  Ha!



The kind of night where fighting and crying ensued every 30 minutes (seconds) like clockwork and you find yourself yelling, “Don’t you guys remember our memory verse?!  ‘A SOFT ANSWER TURNS AWAY WRATH!!’”  And you realize the irony of you yelling this at your kids, but you are too tired for irony!  Too tired!  And your children don’t understand irony anyway.


DSC_0008(Isaac in time-out…with company)



It was the night of what-do-you-know, I am RIGHT THIS MINUTE painting the baseboard in the bathroom mint green, because I am sooo sick of seeing the peeling/cracking/stained old one, so SURPRISE BRIAN!!  Yet another thing in our home that is now mint! (Pictures of more mint things I’ve painted to come)  






And I’m hoping that the satisfaction of this job well done will make up for the fact that the rest of my house is fairly disastrous. 


Tonight was an early bedtime for the boys, a mint ice cream cone for me (I’m in a mint stage), and some thoughts of “Rats, I could have done better…” and then an early bedtime for me too.

And a quick prayer thanking the Lord for a fresh start tomorrow.

(and some help with the soft answers)


Mom said...

Yes, the mint green paint looks great! That is so sweet that Samuel wants to join brother in his "time out" confinement. What a tender heart!

Nathan Rains said...

i love your mint green and mint ice cream! you are such a good mommy. love the real life! yourboys are so happy. :) this is suzy not nate but i'm too lazy to re-log-in. xo

Nathan Rains said...

ps! look at nate's funny yellow hair in this oldie goldie pic! man i was blind and crazy in love :)