Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What You Need to Know



About Isaac:


-  Despite his almost daily questioning, he remains just three years old.


- Drives Joseph nuts like no one else can. It’s like he was designed specifically to make his brother crazy!!


-  He has a fused tooth.  A fused EXTRA tooth.  Well, not exactly fused, but I forget what it is called when one root splits into two teeth as it grows.  (can you help me out in the comments, Maureen? My mother-in-law is a dental hygienist)  So it looks like one of his teeth is rotated and crooked, but it is actually a part of his other tooth, and then he has the rest of his other teeth behind it.

It’s confusing to explain…here’s a picture of it up close



We sometimes call him snaggle-tooth.  Lovingly!


-  He has no sideburns.


- If his hair were to get long enough, it would still curl in the back.


- He weighs 6 pounds less than Joseph.


- Wears size 5 clothes to fit his broad shoulders.  Shoes are size 12 extra wide.


- He is EXTREMLY strong.


- Favorite phrase: “Stinking baby…(fill in the blank)”  For example (the most popular):  “You are a stinking baby head!”


- Recently dropped naps like a hot potato.


- Thinks its funny to “moon” people.


- Adds a “why” to the end of his questions.  Example (this is asked frequently):  “Why Santa only come in Winter? Why?”


- His voice is loud and raspy.  When he first started talking a lot, we thought maybe he had a cold?  Sore throat?  Why is his voice all scratchy?  But, it turns out that is just how he talks.

His volume is either a TEN or a whisper.


- Sometimes, when he is talking, he just looks up as far as his eyes can roll upwards.  It is hilarious, and I have a video that demonstrates it a little that I will post on Friday.



- Squinty eyed cheesy smiles when he knows he is doing something naughty or when he is making you laugh.


-  Swings his arms dramatically when he runs-   or when he stomps off to his room for a time-out! (with a pronounced scowl)


- On a related note: He is known to disassemble all of his brother’s Lego characters when he really wants to make him mad. 

His retort, for all acts naughty-towards-Joseph, is always, “That’s what happens!”


- Crocs on the wrong feet 98% of the time. (You would think it would at least be closer to 50%?)


- Easy to please.  He is mostly happy to go along with whatever you want, or his brother wants, and meets most things with an enthusiastic “Yeah!  Great idea!”

Even when he gets mad and throws a quick screaming fit, he is quick to recover and be cheerful again!  No pouting or moodiness.


- When you are disciplining him, you cannot show a hint of a smile.  Not a hint!  Or else he will smile and then giggle and it is over!  Even if he is crying and seeming repentant, his mischievous giggle is only a mama-mouth-twitch away!


- My quickest child to show remorse.


- Laughs when Joseph gets scolded.


- Cries when Joseph gets punished.


- Tells me a million times a day, “You’re CUTE, Mama!”


- Always up for a hug or snuggle.  As long as it will only take a minute!


- He is SO funny!  A very advanced sense of humor- he makes me laugh every day.  Like when he randomly starts walking/talking “like a robot” or “like a zombie”, something that no one has ever taught him!



- Don’t wrestle with him unless you want to get hurt. 


-  Shouts “Canonball!” while jumping off of anything, or catapulting into your lap, or…



- Our resident bug killer.  If I see a spider/ant/fly/beetle, I call Isaac!


- Doesn’t care if he has blankets on to sleep or not.  But, after he is asleep, he will curl into a little cold ball before too long and needs his Mama to cover him back up.


- Loves his star blankie.  No stuffed animals, the pillow is optional, star blankie is a must.


- Lotion him up before bed or else he has lizard skin on his legs.


- Loves almost EVERY food I can think of.  Pesto, pepperoncini, mozzarella balls, spinach salad with goat cheese, nothing is too adventurous!

The only foods that he DOESN’T like so far are: hot sauce, jalapenos, and tomatoes.


- Eats more than me most days.  Expect him to put away 5+ large pancakes, or three bowl of macaroni.


- Confuses the words “macaroni” and “oatmeal”


- Still refers to stockings as “walkie-stockings”


- And corn on the cob as “corn dog”


- Quick to think of others.  If you offer him something he will immediately ask for “one for Joseph too!”


- Almost anything you ask him to do for you will be met with a cheerful “okay!”


- Spontaneously helpful. (unloading groceries, bringing me dishes, switching the laundry…)


- Likes his pancakes whole, his waffles in strips.  But will eat them anyways if you forget.


- Takes his hamburgers just like his brother.


- Crusts on or off, just give him the sandwich already!!


- Prefers peanut butter and honey, but will choose jelly if that is what Joseph is having.


- Loves Samuel sooooo much!  Almost to death.  (They have a closely supervised relationship)


- Likes to have his forehead or back tickled lightly at bedtime.


- Cannot be trusted around toothpaste


- Or in any room alone for more than 10 minutes.


- Still can barely sit through a 20 minute program.


- Loves monster trucks. (asks to watch them on Brian’s “competer” constantly)


- Loves his Mama!  He told me today that he loves me “more than cupcakes!!”


- A delightful soul to have in our house.  (Did you remember that Isaac means “laughter?”)


- My sunshine!


- Oh how I love him!!


Caitlin said...

oh, Isaac! what a cutie!

T Rex Mom said...

He does sound delightful and as big as T. In fact, I think they wear the same size of everything. I wish he were around for T to wrestle with, though. T is freakishly strong and like Isaac will pretty much accidentally hurt anyone he wrestles with, including his dad.

He sounds bigger than life actually and made to make you smile, everyday. How wonderful!

Maureen said...

I think we can say it is a fusion of his baby central and a supernumerary (extra) tooth, since he has his all his other teeth, too. We'll have to get an xray to verify if it is one root or two, for the proper diagnosis, but this will do for now, huh?
HE is a special little boy FOR SURE!!! LOVE your synopsis of Isaac and LOVE HIM!

suzy said...

awwww! i am so behind on your blog but i LOVE these!!!! one of my faves!

ter@waaoms said...

:) I wish I could meet him in person!