Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday video: Blossom shower



I’m not going to say that I will do a video EVERY Friday, but maybe some Fridays?  Or, you know… today, which is Friday?

I will start small.




These pictures are from a little over a month ago;

who can guess what my boys are doing in this photo?


Did you guess that they are about to jump and hit our blooming tree with their swords to create a “blossom shower?”


Because that is correct!


I know that my boys are at the age where they won’t really remember these days when they are grown

(some for Joseph)

(probably none for Isaac)

(I will pause to cry with exhaustion and let that sink in)


But my dream is that they will remember the spring of 2013 as a swirl of blossoms


PS:  My neighbors had to (got to?) see me in my robe so that I could capture this video.

PPS:  What was more embarrassing is that it was about noon.




septembermom said...

I have been absent for way too long Caitlin!!!! Your boys are gorgeous, amazing...I can't wait to read your older posts. God bless you all. Kelly

T Rex Mom said...

Great, great video. Raining pink blossoms. I like how Isaac was trying to grab for them as they were falling. I must admit, my heart stopped a few times worrying he would fall backward. I did not listen with sound but the video was wonderful. Yes, the summer of the blossom shower.

ter@waaoms said...

The tree is so beautiful, I wish I could see it in person. I'm glad you're able to capture these moments of their lives.