Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day


DSC_0535(samuel @ 1 month.)


My conversation today with Joseph:


Me:  “Joseph do you remember how I talked to you about voting?  Well today is the day that they count up all the votes and tell us who is president!”


Joseph:  “How many votes do they have to count?”


Me:  “A lot because everyone in the whole country who is 21 and older can vote.  Oops! I mean 18 or older can vote!”


Brian (who was joining us for some pumpkin pancakes for lunch): “Yes, and next time we vote you will be EIGHT years old!”


Joseph: “But I won’t be able to vote, because I won’t be 18 or older!”


Me: “Yes, we mean that next time Mommy and Daddy can vote you will be eight.”


J: “And who will be my mommy when you are voting?”


Me: “Ummm….me.  I will be your mommy.”


J:  “But while you are voting, who will she be?”


Me:  “well…I will me your mommy.  I voted last week- was I your mommy then?”


J:  Shakes head.


Me:  “Ummmm, yes I was.”


J: “Oh, I thought you meant last week when I was in your tummy.”




So, that was our little election education.

Just be glad I didn’t try to explain the Electoral College….

Happy Election Day!


(Last presidential election voting here.)


T Rex Mom said...

We have elections one to two times a year here in Idaho - is it not that way in Oregon? Local elections which are often as important or more so than national ones. The kids look forward each year to participating either at the booth or in filling out my absentee ballot. (They get a "I voted" sticker.)

Take the kids along or have them help you fill out your ballot. It will make them more likely to be voters some day when they are eighteen.

How are things going? Did you actually make it out to vote with sleep deprivation and three kids to tend? If so, great work! If not, cut yourself some slack and get out to vote next time.

suzy said...

GOOD JOB CAITLIN!!!!! :) it is confusing for the kids, irritatingly so... i didn't even try with eden.

Jenners said...

This is hilarious. As always. Look on how did Samuel get to be one-month-old already?

Mom said...

Samuel looks like he is seriously considering who to vote for!