Thursday, November 15, 2012




I know that I say “I can’t believe he’s…” every year, but I really, really mean it!  I seriously have no clue how my baby got to be five years old today! But he did!


He is getting skinny, we are looking into kindergartens- its happening! He’s growing up!


And I know that I will look back on this post some day and he will look so LITTLE! Waaah!  Stop the madness!


For the record, my first conversation with 5 year old Joseph went like this, (climbing into bed with Samuel and me at 6:40 am)

“Hi Mama!”

“Good morning Joseph!  Happy Birthday!”

“Mama?  Do you think that caperpillars (Caterpillars) curl into a ball because they are afraid of humans, to protect themselves from the rain, or just to roll around and have some fun!” With a little giggle at that last part.

I said all of the above!  Because I would really like my baby to picture caterpillars rolling around and having fun for one more year.


Dear Joseph,

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! 

You have such a kind, thoughtful heart and spirit.  Not always towards Isaac(!!!), but definitely towards your Dada and me, and now to little Samuel too!  You are so sweet and gentle with him- you have completely exceeded my expectations of what a great big brother you would be!

I love you and your quirkiness, your intelligence, and your challenges.  You have stretched me to be such a much better person by making me a mother!

Love you!

Your Mama.








Caitlin said...

happy birthday sweet boy!

Jenners said...

Wow … 5! I can't believe it either. I feel like I've been following your family's story for a long time now and been watching them grow up.

And isn't that classic childhood stuff -- 6:40 in the morning and asking about caterpillar emotions and motivations.

T Rex Mom said...

A very happy birthday to young Joseph. We are all sending birthday wishes his way.

He is looking so grown up but also still a little guy. Time goes just so quickly. I still remember meeting you and baby Joseph for the first time. We were both overwhelmed new moms. Now look at the high level of mom you've become and the handsome boy Joseph has become.

Mom said...

I love your new title photo...all three of your boys. Very nice indeed! <3

Mom said...

Oh, so a < and a 3 don't turn into a heart? Too bad, it was supposed to be a big heart once I posted it. Live and learn!

ter@waaoms said...

happy birthday, Joseph!

I've been reading your blog for 5 years! You were pregnant with Joseph when I discovered your blog! (or rather, when you discovered mine!)

suzy said...

sweet boy!