Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!



From my own little Butterball!


Rivaling the turkey at two months old and 15 lbs 3 oz!!




I will be munching on him all day long!


(along with pies of course)


(turkey seems like a waste of calories when there is pie to be had!)


So thankful to be next to family during the holidays,


and that I am eating with my brother and his family, who are instituting a “sweats or pjs only” rule for our dinner!


Isaac helped me make muffins, rolls, and pies yesterday-


My contacts were dry from not blinking (seriously!) so that I could catch him putting in egg shells and sprinkling some “snow” flour on the table.

But his smile and “You’re welcome!” at the end were so worth it!



I am SO thankful for my many, many, MANY blessings this morning,


Happy Thanksgiving!



Freya said...

Oh WOW, he is so yummy and cute! That double chin is priceless! So cute!

Caitlin said...

happy thanksgiving! chubbers is so cute! two months old, wow, that went so fast! pyjamas at the dinner table is a must in our house for any occassion :)
have a wonderful day, you are so very blessed
caitlin xx

Jenners said...

Oh he is a little butterball. So adorable. You create the most amazingly cute children I have ever seen. He looks so funny and some of those photos Are just priceless. Happy Thanksgiving. Have some pie for me.

Mom said...

I know someone who will hate those photos when you show them to his sweetheart some day!!! I personally LOVED them!

ter@waaoms said...

I don't know how come I keep missing your posts.