Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tomorrow We Fly!



Well, folks, this is just about it.

Tomorrow is the big day!  Two short little airplane rides (accumulating to 9.5 hours) and a 2.5 hour layover with two children while pregnant and I have made it back to the West Coast!

It’s really a bit daunting.

The LAST time I flew by myself and I was trying to strap in Isaac’s car seat, he kept lifting up my shirt, spanking my (not so firm) stomach and yelling “Spanking! Spaaaanking!!” as loud as he could.

The time before that was when I dropped Joseph’s blankie in the poop-filled airplane toilet!

And a few times before that Joseph turned to us at take off giggling and said “I dreamed about this airplane!  And it was ON FIRE!!”

BUT, there is not much I can really do about any minute of the day on Sunday, so I am just keeping my head down and getting through it.

If you feel moved to send a prayer my way, I accept.


Sooo, for the next few weeks, until our stuff arrives in Oregon, I will be MIA.  I have a few things scheduled to post, but not as many as I originally wanted since I have been SICK and all. (sniff, sniff)

For now, I leave you with the final picture of me in New Jersey


(Note: I haven’t brushed my hair today)

(Another note: No make up)

(Final note: mark on nose from where the skin peeled off from a blackhead strip)

“See” you all soon!


ter@waaoms said...

Note: you don't need make up, you're naturally beautiful, and note: I would not have noticed that you hadn't brushed your hair if you didn't say anything about it! ;)

I can't wear the blackhead strips, It makes my nose swell (I'm apparently allergic or something to the stickiness, same with bandaids)

Wishing you a safe (stressfree!) trip back to Oregon.

Oh and that box you have your clothes hanging in?? I really wish I had known about those all the times I've moved!!

Jenners said...

Hey … I wish I looked as lovely as you in the same condition!

I pray that this flight is as smooth as your soon-to-be-born baby's butt. : )

I will pray for you and wish you a safe arrival in Oregon. We'll miss you here on the East Coast … but I know you needed to escape!