Friday, November 19, 2010

This is New Jersey..Do you copy?


As you have no doubt deduced (take that mom brain! I can use words like deduced!) from my latest influx (and again!) of postings, we are now moved in to our new house!

And by moved in I mean 90% unpacked.

OKAY, 75% unpacked.

You’re right it’s more like 68%, but I decided that I needed, nay DESERVED, to start spending some time on the computer again.


So here we are!  Living in the upstairs portion of a two-family home.


See those stairs inside the front door?  There is a door at the top of them that is our apartment.  The downstairs neighbors (poor souls. Can you imagine living below us during Joseph’s unfortunate “jumping stage?”) have their own entrance around the side of the house.


We have our own front porch, a good sized back yard, and we are cozied up to some random foresty area, which is awesome.






And the apartment itself is almost as big as our old house, with new wood floors and lots of storage.

We are also right down the street from a great park!



Basically, if I had a bunch of friends/family nearby, and some sort of never ending chocolate supply-spout, it would be perfect.


I will take more pictures of the inside when it is a little more “finalized,”  but I wanted to give the ol’ fam a few pictures to tide them over.

So there you go!

New Jersey, over and out.




T Rex Mom said...

Nice - I wish we can the technology to stop by and test out that backyard and have a little play date.

And those photos are great - that's how it is here. It takes about a million just to get one good one of them together. And at least someone always sheds tears - sometimes one of the kids and sometimes me!

Jenners said...

Hey New Jersey ... This is also New Jersey. Glad you are getting settled. We are still planning to come up to NYC next week (Wed/Thurs) for the big parade. Are you guys up to meeting up? E-mail me and let me know and we'll try to work something out.

Maureen said...

It looks SO invitng! Can't wait to come and see you there in 2011!!! I just love Joseph pointing to his new home in the first picture and the boys in the backyard together with smiles on their faces. Who needs a swingset with that great park so close by!

Nina said...

I bet it feels so much more like home than an hotel. Thomas's old babysitter moved to New Jersey last Spring. She was from their originally and she just loved living in New Jersey. I think she lives pretty close to the ocean.

septembermom said...

Wow! I love the photos :) So happy that you're all settling in. It looks like a very nice place.

suzy said...

yay!!!!!!! it looks so nice!!! happy :)