Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve still got it



(Brian quickly snapped this one of me dancing in my spandex while getting the laundry.  Please do not enlarge it. It is small and dark for a reason.)


- I felt like a loser today when I poured the half and half that I got at the store YESTERDAY  into my coffee, only to see (and hear- plop, plop, plop) that it was the consistency of ricotta cheese.  Apparently I didn’t notice the lack of liquid sound when I carried it to the checkout line…



- I felt like a loser today when a certain young, moldable child in my care told me “No way” “No sir” and “You are ridiculous!”  hehe, where does he get this stuff?, hehe…(gulp).



- I felt like a loser today during craft time when I couldn’t get the glue to squirt out.  And I squeezed it really REALLY hard while looking directly into the spout saying, ”Why won’t this come out?!”…

and yes, it did squirt out into my eye.

A lot.



- I felt like a loser today when I saw a man pumping out water from a manhole right outside our house

and I said, “Wow! Another perk of living near this foresty area is that there are lots of cool trucks outside our house to pump out the water runoff!”

only to have him look at me strangely and say “It is sewage.”

 And then I might have said, “Yuck!  What a Dirty Job!” as I walked away, meaning the tv show, but meaning offensive to the stranger who was already having to stand their pumping out my…sewage.



-I felt like a loser today when I talked to a friendly elderly couple at the park for a while before noticing that they were smiling and nodding NOT because they wanted to be my best friend, but because..well…they didn’t speak English. 



So, needless to say, I was feeling a bit timid when some middle schoolers hailed me at the park to throw their soccer ball back over the (high!) fence to them.


I wasn’t having the best day, coolness-wise, and I didn’t think that I could handle it if that ball hit the fence and flew back into my face…


But I set my baby back down to enjoy a tasty acorn-leaf-dirt buffet, said a quick prayer and gave it all I had.


that sucker SAILED over the fence!

And all the kids said “WOOOOOAH!”



and then “THANK YOU!  NICE THROW!”


Thaaaaaaat’s right.


So, maybe I came home to find that I had a poop-colored mud stain on my butt,

and maybe Joseph said “No way, Jose” to me this evening (double gulp)

and maybe even both of my arms ache as I type this ( “t” oww! “h” oww! “i” oww! “s” oww!),


But for that moment,

man that ball SOARED.



britney said...

You got it girl! I'd pick you to be on my team.

ter@waaoms said...

I would love even an ounce of your positivity.

T Rex Mom said...

Oh goodness - you still have it more than you know it.

Maureen said...

This blog brings back visions of the Harris Reunion, where I do believe YOU were the star of our backyard competition!!! You're a stud, Caitlin...kind of :)

Nina said...

Love the picture and enjoy the moment even if it wasn't your best day, stick with that ball moment.

septembermom said...

You go girl!! What a winner you are :)

Jenners said...

You've got it and you ROCK it! Don't ever let anyone else (especially any child) tell you otherwise.