Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Four Questions


Trex Mom, my real life friend whom I miss very much!, tagged me to answer four questions for you!

I was just going to talk some more about my awesome throw yesterday…so you can thank her for saving you all.


Question 1: 1. What is one of your most embarrassing mom-moments?

This was a tough one for me because I tend to have an overactive milk letdown (overshare?) and there has been many a time when a random baby / kitten / produce item has made a crying sound / looked at me / been kind of shaped like a baby and I have leaked all over my shirt.

BUT, for the icing on the cake, I would have to go with: 

One time I was at a party talking to a man I had not met before, and I noticed that he kept glancing at my chest.  I wrapped up what I was saying, and turned around, sneaking a quick peek at myself.  Nothing.  Hmmm..  So off I went to visit with someone else.

About 20 second into the conversation, I noticed that THIS man was also looking at my chest.  A. Lot.  “Awkward that all the men find my breasts so attractive!” I thought.  After getting fairly flustered and uncomfortable, I excused myself to the bathroom. 

I looked in the mirror and noticed that one of my lacy nursing bra pads had worked it’s way out of my bra and up to my neck, where about 2 inches of it was hanging out.

Oh yes, and by then I HAD leaked on my shirt as well.



2. What is the weirdest advice anyone has ever given you regarding parenting or regarding your child? What was your response?

One time an older lady stopped me in all seriousness and told me that if I carried my child in a chest pack, then he would never learn to walk.

Joseph was about 1 at the time and…well…walking already.  I thanked her for her advice, smiled, nodded and walked off.

Pretty much my normal response since people give me unsolicited advice ALL THE TIME!  Seriously, almost every day. 

Maybe it is because I look so young?  Or maybe it is because Joseph carries around a large bayonet on our outings? (I kid!)

The other day I had 2 old ladies separately tell me that it was dangerous for Isaac to be holding a plastic spoon because he might poke his eye.

I’m pretty sure that it is okay for my 9 month old to have a curved, plastic utensil in his hand while he is being held.

Plus, the pirate look is in right now.


3) While you were pregnant, did you ever have the random stranger stop and tell you the most intimate details of the birth of her child? How did this make you feel and did you say anything in response?

Oh my goodness, this happened to me ALL THE TIME!  And, as a coincidence, everyone who talked to me had labors that lasted for weeks on end and 15 pound babies!

I would always just gasp, nod, cringe, gag, as needed and then say “Thank goodness for the epidural that I have waiting for me!”  as I waddled away!


4. What do you do to maintain your sanity when you've had a long day and/or night with the kids?

I make myself a large bowl of air popped popcorn (with butter and garlic salt) and try to escape into a different world via movies, the internet, online shopping….

When the kids are awake and I need to maintain sanity, I find a little chocolate can work miracles. 

(“Don’t worry, Joseph, it’s just a little Mommy Medicine…”)



Nina said...

Those were great. I must say, I tend to be the one opening my mouth and later think, why can't I just keep it to myself. Then I avoid that person for a long time. I gave up the best hairdresser ever for that very reason. Sad, I know.

T Rex Mom said...

Great! So glad you participated. You always have great stories. And it's the way you tell them that makes them even better.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I still remember our Thanksgiving 2 years ago when you all celebrated with us. That was nice.

septembermom said...

Chocolate, the miracle worker for all :) Love the story about the guy and the breast fascination. That's a keeper for future dinner conversations. You'll have everyone giggling! Happy Thanksgiving Caitlin! Hoping to arrange a time to see you soon :)

Jenners said...

I love those questions ... and the answers. It is crazy how people feel they can tell you how to raise your children ... but seriously, you gave your child a plastic spoon! Are you nuts??? (Haha. I kid. I'm a kidder.)