Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Birthday Post


I was up until midnight the night before getting things set up.



Brian helped.



(See him “helping” on the couch with his eyes closed?)


Joseph came into the kitchen that morning with a big smile as we all said “Happy Birthday!” 

Presents were first on the agenda (of course)




IMG_5725 IMG_5810

I love these pictures because of Brian cracking up in the background.


He was laughing at all of the things I was making the Batman figurine say to the Joker figurine.


Things like “Looks like the jokes on you, Joker.”

and “Eat bat guano.”

You know, the usual.


Joseph kept asking if it was “party time”…meaning “cake time.”

I forgot to buy party hats at the store the day before (curses!)

and since almost all of the stores around here are closed on Sunday (?) I couldn’t find any.

Cue a disappointed, slightly teary-feeling Caitlin, because not only does her baby not have any family or friends for his birthday, he doesn’tevenhaveapartyhathowcouldIhaveforgotten!!!….you get the picture.

Brian to the rescue!!-  All he needed was paper and a staple gun, and voila! 


Joseph was thrilled.

.IMG_5820  (in his underwear because he was in costume all day.)


And Isaac looks like a beautiful princess.



After a dinner of chicken nuggets and corn dogs (Joseph’s favorites) we turned out the lights and sang happy birthday.



It was so special.

Just the four of us, in our new home, with Joseph just absolutely glowing with happiness.


(he looked like this the whole time)



After helping Joseph lick the candles,IMG_5842 Brian walked off to get the cake server-

and Joseph


in!! (FACE FIRST!)



Maybe he thought it was a cupcake?  Maybe he thought it just looked so delicious? 



I started to stop him, then realized, why not?!

So Brian and I grabbed forks and joined him. (who needs plates?!)


Also, Isaac got his first taste of chocolate cake.



(See his CRAZY eyes?!)


After teeth brushing, Joseph was thrilled to be able to choose THREE books since he is now THREE years old.  He thought it was HILARIOUS!



The end.



Rachel said...

You guys are great parents! I'm glad Joseph had a great birthday!

Robyn said...

That made laugh out loud here at work. Sweet boy Joseph, just wants to be a super hero. Who needs forks? :) Hope you guys are settling in.

septembermom said...

What a great birthday party! You all look so happy. Love that cake :)

Jen said...

That is the greatest 3 yr old party EVER!

Momma said...

You had everything you need for a great party for a 3 yr old and he didn't even miss having a big group of people around. Just Mom, Dad, presents and chocolate cake...perfect! I LOVED the face Isaac made when he tasted chocolate cake!! And so...another sweet tooth is born, right?

britney said...

First of all, party hats made out of construction paper = nerds. You all looked so cute in those hats. I wish we were there to be nerds with you. Isn't it so funny how we want to give them everything but in all reality they will never know the difference if their hat is made in China with a fancy chin-strap, or if it was thrown together last minute at home by dad. Congrats and I can't believe you have a 3 year old.

T Rex Mom said...

That sounds like just a wonderful party for him. I like the birthday song and cake eating best. Great theme!

And love that he's in his boxer briefs - awesome!

So much work for you but I know you love doing that for your oldest little guy.

Love Isaac's cute little face. Seems like he's really starting to express himself, huh? Charming!

ter@waaoms said...

You are awesome!!

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

suzy said...

i LOVED this post! happy bday joseph!

Jenners said...

It was a PERFECT party ... you done good!!! (And I wish I could hear you doing the voices for the Batman and Joker!)

Maureen said...

You guys really know how to party!!! Of course we WISH we could have been there in person, but seeing you on the computer camera was the next best thing - LOVED IT!

Nina said...

Sounds like he had a great birthday. Looks like he had a full day of fun. I know I am late but happy birthday Joseph.