Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running the Boy Out of Him


As I have mentioned earlier, Joseph has entered a stage in his little-boyhood that involves lots of physicality.

Read: he spends the majority of the day punching/kicking/jumping off of things and trying to wrestle me to the ground.

So, today, instead of screeching “GO PLAY QUIETLY BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND! (note to self: not real constructive when the person you are screeching at just turned 3), I decided that I would actually try to do something about all of this boy-energy.

We set off to find a park.


And I spent the entire time telling Joseph to RUN! JUMP! STOMP!  KICK THE FOOTBALL!  THROW THE FOOTBALL! PUNCH THE PINECONE!! 


IMG_6011  IMG_6012


Then, I started chasing him around the playground,

while Isaac chewed on the stroller wheel


and ate dirt


What?! It’s good for his immune system!

(says the mother of the baby with a mystery rash)



When Joseph finally told me that he was tired, I raced him to the van.

We arrived home and he said, “That was fun, Mama, I played and you chased me!”

See?  It’s a win-win.

Here’s to a long nap and a peaceful afternoon.



Jen said...

this is my goal on a daily basis. Exhaust the children!

T Rex Mom said...

Nice form on Joseph's kicking. And we've been doing a lot of running on the trail to burn off some of that toddler energy. Nice work.

Nina said...

I wish I had half of their energy. I love how full of energy they are at this age.
Oh and whats a little dirt, I think they all do it at some point.

suzy said...

love it!!! isaac is So cute. i want to eat him for lunch. love the pic of him eating dirt

Jenners said...

At a certain age, it is all you can do so you can stand to live with them!! And boy Isaac is turning into a little troublemaker too isn't he!? ?? : )

Maureen said...

SUCH good action photos and it looks to me like you have some happy boys and that is what matters - Way To Go SuperMomma!