Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why We Are Refraining from Shipping Joseph Off to Military School (Terrible Twos Much?)



* His new catch phrase is “You betcha!”  As in:

“Joseph, can you put this in the trash for me?”  

“You betcha!”

Can you finish up your milk?” 

“You betcha!”

“Honey, you have to stop pooping in your underwear EVERY DAY!!!” 

“You betcha!”



*  Besides a few incidents (see above) he is officially potty trained!  A task that he mastered in about a week!

It is seriously ridiculous how excited this has made me.



* When you climb into his bed to snuggle him before nap, he will cover you up with his blankie and lightly rub your back.  I pretend like I’m asleep so he’ll do it longer.



*  He says “Goodness Gracious!” all the time, and sometimes even shortens it to “Goodness Grace!”  Enough said?



*  His temper tantrums are actually EXTREMELY impressive, and fun to watch.(Assuming that you are not, say, in the Fred Meyer checkout line?)

He does this full-body fish flapping around and gasping for air thing that is just incredible. 

AND you can see clear down his esophagus. 

I’m not exaggerating. 

We are thinking about making it a party trick.

(“Joseph, show everyone your fish-flapping thing.  No?  Fine then, its night-night tiiiiime!  Haha, THERE IT IS!!”)



As a result of our secret plan to have him grow up with an English accent (so. cute.), Joseph has progressed from calling suckers “lollipop”s to now, on occasion, “lolly”s.

  Awesome. (Next up, “knickers”…)



Basically, he is a riot, and despite all of the Terrible Two incidents we encounter, we loooooove him.


Which is something to remember when the little “riot” punches you square in the eye.

(while yelling “PUNCHEROOONIE!!!!”)




Together We Save said...

But he is such a cutie so I know you just have to laugh!

ter@waaoms said...


T Rex Mom said...

How true - he does have some seriously amazing tantrums but also some seriously sweetness too - ahh the twos - terrible and terrific all at the same time!

britney said...

The "puching you straight in the eye" thing made me laugh so hard I cried. What a handsome boy.

Rachel said...

I love your sarcasm! That's the attitude :)

Jenners said...

You seriously crack me up. And that one photo just kills me ... he looks like Joey in Friends saying "How are you doing?"

blueviolet said...

He is just so darn cute, always has been. No wonder his antics are forgivable.

suzy said...

SO cute!!!! he is getting so old and so handsome!

Maureen said...

That little boy is going to go far with all his "MoJo", irresistible good looks, intelligence, creativity...oops, being WAY to much of a grandmother right now - but it's TRUE :)

septembermom said...

He's truly adorable.