Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insert picture of me running like a graceful gazelle here…


I decided that I needed to come up with some sort of a new fitness plan.

Because “Make sure that I’m (more than 20 weeks) pregnant for my 10 year reunion so that no one notices that I have actually gotten chubbier- they just think it’s because of the baby” is the plan that I was going with so far.  And it is probably not the best.


Thus, I began my new running routine.

And by running I mean jogging.

And by jogging I mean sometimes walking.

Basically, I am following these guidelines.

And- surprise!- it is actually going swimmingly! (joggingly? too much?)

I am about 5 weeks in and, despite all of my past exercise-criticism, I have to say that I – gasp!- kind of enjoy it!


Let me explain.  My days, although deeply wonderful and fulfilling, are also exhausting and filled with bodily fluids.

My children cling to me like monkeys, and if I have to hear “watch a movie? watch a movie? watch a movie?” one more time, someone is getting it.

So, when evening rolls around a nice run (jog/walk) sounds like a mini vacation.


My secret:

The first half of my run, I envision that I am actually running AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!  And I love it! 

I imagine those little anemone-arms clinging to my legs, the poop that I keep finding (yes, finding), and the spit-up that covers every surface.  

I picture the dishes and the laundry and those pesky showers that still won’t clean themselves and I

ESCAAAAAAPE!  through the neighborhood.


Then, at a certain point in my workout (usually when I start to think “hmmm…I might pass out.  This sucks!’) I turn around.


And then, I am running HOME TO MY FAMILY.

Back to my sweet babies who might be crying for me and needing me to hold them. (Joseph is known to ask if he can “Tell mommy ‘I love you?’”over and over when I’m not there for bedtime.)

Back to their sweet little smiles and their soft cheeks.

Back to my darling husband who is waiting to ask me “how did it go?” and then listen sympathetically as I flop on the ground panting and complain about my knees, shins, lungs, thighs, etc.

For some reason, I feel like I can’t get there fast enough.


So, that is my secret to success (so far!) in this get-fit scheme.

And thank goodness!

Because heaven knows I am not giving up chocolate.



T Rex Mom said...

That's actually a really good way of looking at things. And I am so glad it's "working out" for you.

Jen said...

Hey, that sounds like a really good plan.

ter@waaoms said...

Why do I get the feeling the next post about you will be about finding poop?

Rachel said...

I hate running, but it does give you benefits. Don't worry, we can be chubby together at our reunion if we don't ever lose it :) Although that is not very encouraging at all. Do we really have to run? Those noninvasive liposuction ads look pretty tempting...

blueviolet said...

You'd be insane to give up chocolate! Good for you, little runner, good for you!

Jenners said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? And you totally kill me? And have come up with a genius plan that may get me to exercise ... though perhaps it will only involve walking quickly AWAY from the house and never coming back?

septembermom said...

Well I'm glad to hear that you're not giving up chocolate. That would make me sad. LOL. Awesome that you're running and enjoying it. Keep going!