Tuesday, August 3, 2010






I have certainly been posting a lot of pictures of Isaac lately, but today he is six months old and I couldn’t let that pass me by without a post!

Plus Joseph is too busy throwing temper tantrums to sit still for a picture.




It is hard to believe that my little baby is six whole months already!  After today he will be closer to age 1 than to his birth! WAAAH!  My baby!!  (I should probably go take my birth control pill right now before I make any rash decisions.)


Isaac at 6 months

Dear Isaac,

I can’t believe that you are six months old!

You have turned into such a jolly, happy baby.

It turns out that when I thought you were a difficult baby, you actually had ACID BURNING YOUR ESOPHAGUS. (reflux.)  Sorry about that, buddy.

Now you are a good solid medium-behaved baby. (Although your Grandma says that is just because I have been beaten down by Joseph and that by normal standards you are still…shall we say…a tad CHALLENGING.)

You love being carried around all. day. long and snuggled; mostly by me. (who can blame you?) 

I think that your favorite place to be is in my arms, but watching your Daddy and brother- who are both super Hi-larious!!

We have started you on solids, and to everyone’s surprise you are just “meh” about them.  As in, “Meh.  This baby food is just okay.  But I will take that fudgcicle you are holding RIGHT NOW GIMME GIMME WAAAAAH!!!”

You are a bit opinionated.

But so smiley and friendly.

And also the biggest 6 month old…well…ever maybe?  25 pounds is incredible.  And incredibly cute.


We love you.


PS Can’t believe we got another blue-eyed blondie!








T Rex Mom said...

Great photos! Happy Half Birthday!

Thanks for an awesome playgroup, too!

ter@waaoms said...


Rachel said...

Happy six months buddy! You look just like your brother Joseph!

Caitlin said...

Happy birthday you gorgeous little (big) boy!!!
Love Caitlin xoxox

britney said...

How cute and chubby. He has well surpassed Garrett in the weight department.

~~Mel~~ said...

Gorgeous! Boys can be gorgeous too...lol

Happy Half Birthday Isaac...you get cuter by the second!

septembermom said...

So cute! Happy birthday little guy!

Jenners said...

Happy Half Birthday, You Big Cutie Patootie! I love that he is medium well behaved.