Friday, August 13, 2010

I am a light, pastel green…or maybe a teal?


The other day, I was hanging my cloth diapers out to dry on a makeshift laundry line

with my baby strapped to my back

(and legs that haven't been shaved in weeks)

and I thought:

“wow. wow. wow!

I am an Earth Mama.  Talk about living GREEN!”


And then, I went inside and discovered some ants in my entryway (why?)

I sprayed them dead, dead, dead with my big shiny can of Raid.

And I thought:

”hmmm.  I'm still learning.”


Rachel said...

Hahaha, we all make our efforts to live green, though I don't think shaving your legs is harmful to the environment. Just lazy and lack of interest, I hear ya :)

T Rex Mom said...

I use my "new" lawn furniture to hang my diapers. What kind is the lightest colored one - I don't know that I've seen one of those before.

I figure all my green acts balance out my not-so-green ones. It's probably the same for you.

Oh, happy anniversary!

Jen said...

This just made me laugh.

Thanks. :)

britney said...

I feel guilty when I throw anything plastic away. You are going to have to teach me about cloth diapers for my next child because, let's face it, regular diapers are mostly plastic and my guilt has been piling up with the poop for a year now.

Jenners said...

You always crack me up!

ter@waaoms said...

love your clothesline! :)

septembermom said...

It's hard to be totally green. I try here and there.