Saturday, November 14, 2015

We have a little announcement to make…well…TWO little announcements!!




I wish I could describe to you the shock that I felt when these two little bambinos showed up on the ultrasound!


Earlier that day, as the boys were getting on the bus, I had just told one of my neighborhood friends, “I’m just praying for ONE healthy baby today!” and we laughed about how horribly hard having twins would be.

And then I made a similar joke to my doctor, who had just noticed that my uterus felt quite big. “Oh..haha! I just get big fast.  But PLEASE, do make sure there is only ONE in there!”


About 2 seconds later, I saw a baby on the screen, wiggling with a heartbeat.  And about 2.5 seconds later, the other baby came into focus.

“Wait.  TWO???”  I shrieked!  (I’m good at reading ultrasounds) 

“Say hi to Mommy twinsies!” the doctor said! 

And then I laugh-cried for the rest of the appointment.  I mean, people, I had JUST BARELY psyched myself up enough to have a fourth baby.  I was close to calling it at three…but someone still felt missing. 

Well, apparently it was TWO someones!


Poor Brian just yelped, “TWO?” when I showed him the picture and then sat on the couch with his hands raised and his mouth open for quite some time.

Then we thanked the Lord for our bonus baby.  Who is truly truly a blessing!

And then we got ready to tell our boys the news! (who didn’t even know I was pregnant at this point!)



Mom said...

Your big sister and I had just joked around the day before about how big you were getting, about how emotional you were, how tired, etc. and Christin laughed "I hope it's not twins!" Of course, now that it is, we are so very excited!! :)

Breanna said...

Ah!!! So exciting! I'm just waiting to hear that they are both boys;)