Sunday, November 15, 2015

Telling the Boys


(I’m recording this for posterity…because we all know I’m going to remember NOTHING soon when my brain turns into I-have-5-kids-mush!)


After school that day, Brian and I sat the big boys down. (Samuel was napping, but also too young to care much about this whole thing.)

I told them, “Guys, we have something to tell you.”

and Joseph immediately interrupted to say, “Good news or bad news?” (my little worrier)

I assured him that it was GOOD news.  Then said, “We found out today that I have a baby in my tummy” (insert joyful gasps) “but then I found out that I have TWO babies in my tummy!”

They both shouted “What??” And laughed and shrieked a bunch and jumped around saying “TWINS!!!” at each other! Ha!

Then, Joseph said, “Well….I DID think you were looking a liiiiiittle pudgy!” while rubbing his belly.

And Isaac said, “Don’t worry, Mama, I will hold one a LOT because I LOVE babies!” (he really does)

And then Joseph asked if we could teach them Spanish (?) and said that he couldn’t wait to tell his teacher and then there was general merriment and laughter and running around!


Everyone I told on the phone went a little something like this:

Me:  “I just was calling to tell you that the ultrasound went well.  Everything looks great and BOTH babies are very healthy”

Them:  “Are you kidding me?” (or maybe a naughtier word in the case of a few people, who shall remain anonymous! haha!) or “Are you SERIOUS?”   Always followed by lots of shrieking and laughter and disbelief and “OH MY GOSH” ‘s.


Basically, everyone was shocked by this news, but now we are all so thankful and filled with joy at this unexpected blessing!


PS Isaac has told me about a hundred times since then that he is SO excited for his TWINS!  My cup runneth over!

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Mom said...

I said "Stop kidding me, Shut UP! Shut UP! are you KIDDING ME? WHAT??? SHUT UP!" so many times my younger sister came running down the hall with a look of alarm on her face thinking I was having a major fight with someone on the phone. hahaha, What a lovely surprise, I still think to myself "Did this really happen???"