Thursday, November 19, 2015

The best I can!


I finally finished planting my spring bulbs yesterday.  In mid/late November.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have planted SEVENTY?  But no!  Go big or go home!

As I put those little bulbs into the cold soggy ground, I whispered to them in my head, “PLEASE grow, little bulbs.  I know its late, but please please grow!  You will make me SO happy when I’m giant in the spring and I can see you outside my window!”

This is also how I feel about my children this whole first trimester.  “Please be okay, little children!  Please don’t let your brains rot when I let you watch another movie (or twenty) while I lay on the couch and try not to vomit/sleep/cry.  Please remember that I can be a fun Mommy who actually takes you places and makes you things other than Eggo waffles.  Please please please!”

But don’t worry, I know that they WILL be okay.  (Well, my children will.  The bulbs are iffy!)  They are actually probably thrilled at the extra screen time and cereal and freedom they are getting.

I’M DOING THE BEST I CAN HERE!  And that’s really all I can do.



Almost 14 weeks with twins.  Hopeful for this 2nd trimester to perk me up SOON!



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Caitlin said...

Beautiful little bump! Boys, girls, one of each? Looking forward to seeing these babies grow!