Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eight is Great


Somehow my oldest baby, Joseph Mark, turned EIGHT last weekend!




To celebrate, he wanted to have a few friends over to eat lots of junk food, play Wii, and watch a movie!  Well…at first he wanted to take his friends to a super-expensive play-land type place… but he was quickly convinced of this alternative plan.


(Littlest brother “helped” to decorate while the big boys were at school.  He was also a good boy and only snuck one cookie off the plate before party time.  Ha!)


Joseph is a voracious reader.  Yesterday he even took a book to the park and read on a bench while his brothers played!


He is still very smart, and LOVES LOVES LOVES school!


He also loves Legos, Minecraft, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, and wrestling with his brothers.  (And waking up early- STILL!)


My oldest is a sweet boy, a rule follower, and a lover of justice.  Also, a lover of his Mama and Dada.  (although he calls us Mom and Dad around his friends)


So thankful to have him as my oldest!




The day afterwards, he got this:


courtesy of wrestling with his brother! Ha!  A little Isaac head-to-the-eye! Ouch.  He looks quite cheerful, because he couldn’t wait to show his friends, and have everybody “Think that I was in a fight or something!”


Maureen said...

WELCOME BACK, CAITLIN!!! We missed you and waited patiently for your stories and pictures...SO worth the wait :)

Freya said...

Hi Caitlin
I'm very excited to hear your buy-one-get-one-free baby news - congratulations! I have also had a little one since we last emailed - a little girl who is ten weeks old today.
Good lucks for the next 6months/18years!
Love Freya

Caitlin said...

Freya!! How exciting! Congratulations to YOU! I know you mentioned wanting to be a Mama years ago- and now here you are! And with a GIRL! :) Enjoy this Holiday Season with your little one!

Freya said...

Thanks Caitlin! Merry Christmas to you too x