Monday, June 9, 2014




(with pictures from yesterday)


(and run on sentences!)


I am making a double batch of chocolate-chip-banana muffins, and they are taking forever to cook and I am getting so hangry (hungry-angry) that I’m letting the boys watch an extra long movie so that I can eat and drink coffee and compose myself.

And don’t say that I should go eat something else (an apple perhaps?) in the meantime because – CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA MUFFINS!  What else is there?



Our babysitter is coming in 2 hours for a “business date” that Brian and I are going on (not THAT kind of business) (we are taking Samuel) (I will share more details when/if they become available)  So I am scrubbing toilets and loading dishes and planning a meal that is NOT mac-n-cheese, and otherwise trying to look like I am a good mom that has it under control.


Speaking of under control (not!), I was putting away laundry in the boys room, and I heard them laughing and cheering and yelling in the play room.  I went to investigate (anytime I hear the words “I didn’t know I was THAT strong?!” I go investigate)  and I found Joseph holding up one end of the couch while Samuel and Isaac giggled and sat underneath.  Right in the “drop-zone.”



Also, a little bit ago, Joseph was in the bathroom for a long time running cold water on his hand.  I asked him what had happened and he replied, “I burned my hand a little on the lightbulb”  motioning to the pole lamp.

“Why did you touch the LIGHTBULB?!” I inquired.

“Well, I had to get my ooze-putty out of the light before it caught on fire!” 

So there you go.


My muffins are finally ready and I am about to cry/spank someone out of hunger, so I should run- toodles!



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