Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scenes from my day



A rare moment with everyone playing quietly.  After the flash went off they all looked up and ran after me talking and asking to do things.  Seriously.



Life is just a bowl full of cherries…



…and pizza that I bought for lunch (Momma’s sick and the drive-thru Papa Murphy’s is too tempting)


Joseph’s plant from school. 


We are facing a dilemma because if we plant it here, he is going to be sad if we move without it.  If we wait to plant it until the move, it will die in that cup!


A little “don’t come out of that room until EVERY SINGLE LEGO is off the carpet!!!”


I’ve been sorting, sorting, sorting!  Next up- packing, packing, packing!!


Every time I leave the room he bellows my name- “MAAAAAMAAAA!”


and then smiles like this when he sees me.



A few after-nap selfies with my littlest.


Besides the crusty nose- isn’t he adorable?


Also this naughty face is adorable too- when its not doing naughty things!  (shhhh!  Even when it is!)


Not pictured:

- A million cups of tea, Vitamin C, and Elderberry capsules (come on immune system!)

- Proud boys after soccer camp.  Also a 16 piece band that was randomly playing next to the park fountain.  Dressed as cowboys.  (Awesomely strange!)

- Me saying a bad word to Brian when describing my experience with all 3 boys and the library.  (a really bad word.)



Happy Wednesday, readers!



Did I mention it was Brian’s bday this past weekend?  I brought him breakfast in bed…


PPS My ear is killing me! No wonder babies cry!   Who wants to rock me all night?


Maureen said...

I love that you made him a fried egg sandwich for his birthday...he always did like those :) And the 29 is REAL nice! YES, Samuel is adorable even with his crusty nose, YES, Isaac is adorable no matter what and YES, Joseph is the smartest kinder grad I ever saw!
Keep up the good work, Momma and stay as healthy as you can :)

Will Rehse said...

I would recommend for all those legos a big bin (that all can fit in) and a quilt that you can pull the whole thing out with all the legos in it. That way when they are all done playing, get the legos on the quilt, pick up the corners and set it back into the bin. easy peasy clean up.