Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Photos by Isaac


Well, another day another $50 (…spent at Target…) here in Caitlin-land!


It is quite rest time at our house, which means that I am eating Lucky Charms, and the boys ask me what I’m eating and I say “nothing” or “salad” (same thing). 

And it means that they have to stay in their room and read quietly for TWENTY MINUTES PEOPLE!!, but really it is them talking and me shushing, and then coming out to pee/poop/tell me something, and me shushing again, and me adding on 5 minutes every time they come out to check if its over (we are at 10 extra today!  More Lucky Charms for meeeee!), and Isaac lying to Joseph- telling him that he hears me calling- so that Joseph will come out and then get in trouble.   So it is super restful.


Anywhoooo, I was thinking about you guys because I made BLTs for lunch (although Joseph passed, and Isaac just had mayo and bacon on his toast.  Tasty!) and- did you guys know that you can BAKE BACON?! I just learned this recently! Seriously, folks, foil lined pan, 400 degree oven until done.  THAT’S IT!  NO FLIPPING! 

And you might say that they are not quite as good as pan-cooked bacon, but who has time for pan cooked bacon?  Especially with a baby on your hip? Right now it is either oven-baked bacon, or NO bacon, and I think we can allllll agree that anything is better than no bacon.


Did everyone already know about this baking bacon thing?  Am I just behind?  Is it like when I discovered disposable toilet brushes (thanks Carrie!), and then I told everyone I know about how awesome they are (I am a super interesting person!) and it turns out that EVERYONE I KNOW WAS ALREADY USING THEM?!  That is was just little old Caitlin and her nasty-stanky-nondisposable-toilet brush?


Are there other homemakery-delights like this that I am just unaware of?  Please advise.



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Freya said...

Cutting pizza with scissors.
Sounds weird, and I used to think it was weird when my mum did it, but now I will never go back. Knives and cutters never cut the base properly and leave strings of cheese that get stretched around the table when you dole out the slices. Scissors do the job properly, first time. Which means you'll be eating pizza quicker. Which is always good ;)